Bucharest Travel Tips

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Read our Bucharest travel tips if you need more information on the city before or during your visit. The capital is a welcoming city, and locals are accustomed to having more and more foreign visitors coming each year. Most young locals speak English, and it’s easy to ask for directions and other information.

When to come

The winters are pretty cold, although with less snow compared to the rest of the country, and the summers are hot. If you don’t enjoy extreme temperatures, late spring and early autumn are the best times to visit.

Reaching Bucharest

You can reach the capital by car, train or airplane. By car, Bucharest is easiest to reach from the southern border with Bulgaria, the other borders being even one driving day away. Several low-cost carriers fly to Bucharest’s main airport Henri Coanda – Otopeni. You can find here all the airlines operating at this airport.


From the airport, you have two express bus lines, 780 that goes to the main railway station and 783 that goes to the city center. You can find here the schedule and routes of both express buses. If you prefer a taxi, order one from the airport’s Information Office at the Arrivals hall. Uber is also a good option.

The subway is the fastest and simplest way to travel across Bucharest. You can check all subway routes here. Avoid driving during rush hours, and choose only those taxis that have the price visible on the car. The average price is around 1,4 RON/km. Uber is a preferred option if you have access to the app.


Bucharest has many shopping malls and you can buy both international and local brands. In the Old Town, you can find small boutiques, souvenir and art shops. For authentic souvenirs, visit the shops of the Village Museum and the Peasant Museum.

Eating Out

Finding good restaurants will definitely not be a problem, especially in the Old Town where some of the best restaurants in the capital are located. If you’re in a hurry or on a limited budget, you have plenty of cheap, but delicious street food options from upscale bakeries to the omnipresent pretzel shops.


Depending on your budget, you can choose from fancy hotels to hipster crowded hostels. Either way, finding good accommodation shouldn’t be a problem. If you come for leisure, you should choose a location within walking distance from the city center, just be sure to book it in advance.


Bucharest is generally a safe city. You should, however, watch your bags and pockets. Stray dogs are harmless most of the times, but it’s safer not to pet them. For any emergency call 112.

If you’d like to take a guided tour of Bucharest, check our tours on www.uncover-romania-tours.com


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Diana Condrea
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