Top 10 Reasons to Visit Bucharest As Soon As Possible

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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If you‘re planning to visit Bucharest for the very first time, and you’re not sure it’s the best travel choice, we give you 10 reasons to help you decide. We know Bucharest is not by far as tempting as magical Transylvania or as adventurous as the wild Carpathians, but Romania’s capital has its own distinctive charm.

If you’re not in a hurry to judge a book by its cover, you’ll find a great destination with plenty to do and see and new experiences to live.

So many places to see

From centuries-old churches to monumental landmarks before the First World War, from modernist constructions to communist architecture, Bucharest has maybe more contrasts than any other European capital.

The city’s architecture is the best witness of its history, and you’ll easily find yourself visiting monuments built during the royal time and the World Record Palace of the Parliament in the same day while taking photos of Art Nouveau facades along the way.

Reasons to Visit Bucharest

Landmarks from Bucharest

Plus, Bucharest has lots of museums, and many of them are must-see attractions. Our recommendations are the open-air Village Museum, the Palace of Cotroceni, the small Storck Museum, the National Museum of Art and the National Museum of History.

Less crowded

If you’re annoyed by all the crowds from major European destinations like Rome or Paris, we have good news. Bucharest only recently made it on the tourist radar, and, for now, it’s still in the off the beaten track phase. Although there are more tourists than in the past years, the city is not suffocated by long queues or busy attractions.

Old Town Bucharest

Lipscani Street, the Old Town

The only places were you should book your visit in advance are the Palace of the Parliament, the Palace of Cotroceni and the former residence of the Ceausescu family, Primaverii Palace.

Vibrant cultural scene

Besides its many museums and galleries, Bucharest’s cultural scene has a lot to offer. Locals love culture, whether it’s theater, ballet, music or contemporary art. Don’t be surprised if theater tickets are sold out many days in advance or if you’ll stumble upon open-air classical music concerts. Each year, Bucharest hosts many concerts of world famous bands and musicians, and summer is a great time to come if you’re looking for this kind of fun.


Family fun

Few people think of Bucharest as a family-friendly destination, but if you’re traveling with your little ones, you’ll have plenty of things to do even if it doesn’t seem like it at first. Around the capital, there are adventure parks plus farms where children can learn more about animals and nature.

Cismigiu Park

Cismigiu Park

Inside the city, you’ll discover large parks with amusement areas for kids, Herastrau and Tineretului are excellent options, and even cool museums for children like the Natural History Museum.

Budget destination

This is one of the best parts if you plan to visit Bucharest. There are many low-cost and direct flights to Romania’s capital from all over Europe. You can choose decent priced accommodation, and you can easily find restaurants with good food and budget prices. Sure, you can also choose to pamper yourself in luxury hotels, Bucharest has plenty of those as well. But if you’re on a budget, Bucharest is a friendly and welcoming destination.

Walking is the best option

If you’d like to avoid driving, you should know that in Bucharest it’s easier to walk from one attraction to the other as almost all of them are located a few minutes from the main subway stations. The subway is the best alternative for public transportation, but otherwise, our advice is to walk as much as possible. This way you’ll see most of the local attractions and have a more local experience.

Carol Park Bucharest

Carol Park

Crazy nightlife

Locals really know how to party in Bucharest. There are many clubs for all tastes, usually opened until early morning, and a lot of parties taking place every day. If you came for a party, you’re definitely in the right place.


If you usually like to do some shopping while on vacation, you should know that few capitals have so many shopping malls as Bucharest. While the city can’t rival with major fashion centers like Milan, if you decide to visit Bucharest, you’ll find all the major brands plus creations from local and very talented designers.

Day trips to Transylvania

If you’re staying in Bucharest, it doesn’t mean you won’t make it to Transylvania. Brasov is only three hours away by train. You can take many one day trips or spend an entire weekend in Transylvania. You can also visit two very beautiful castles, Peles Castle and Cantacuzino Castle, or take one-day hiking trips in the Carpathians.

Rupea Fortress Snail

Rupea Fortress

You have enough options in Southern Romania as well. You can visit the medieval fortresses from Poenari and Targoviste or the centuries-old monasteries from Cozia, Horezu or Curtea de Arges.

For a carefree time, you can choose one of our private one day tours from Bucharest.

Seeing the rest of Romania

Last but definitely not least, Bucharest is the best departing location for visiting Romania, whether you’re driving or flying to major cities like Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara or Iasi.


The Carpathians

These are our top 10 reasons to visit Bucharest on your next vacation, but for sure the list is longer. We hope you’ll have a great time uncovering Romania’s capital and its crazy mix of attractions that make it one of the most interesting and authentic city destinations in Europe.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation in time to be sure you get the best deals. You can find below a hand-picked selection of our favorite places to stay in Bucharest.

Where to stay

If you prefer the hotel experience right in the heart of historical Bucharest, our top of the list recommendations are Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest, Mansion Boutique Hotel, Grand Boutique Hotel, Grand Hotel Continental, Epoque Hotel, Cismigiu Hotel, all splendid buildings from the glory days of Bucharest.

Booking an apartment is also a popular and more budget-friendly option in Bucharest. While there are hundreds of choices, we can help narrow down your list to the best. Our suggestions are Vila Cotroceni Boutique Apartments, University Central by Orchid Garden, Bucharest Residence, Diana’s Flat Bucharest, Cismigiu Orchid Garden, Studio Old Town, Elysium.

If hostels are your thing, try Umbrella Hostel located in a 1920s building, Podstel Bucharest close to the beautiful Carol Park or First Hostel Bucharest.

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