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To inspire you to explore or even re-discover this unique part of Europe as few other places are as original and breathtaking as Romania.

We hope our stories and travel articles will make you curious enough to uncover Romania, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a local.


It’s all about original content, whether it’s text or image. The travel articles are written by Diana Condrea and, occasionally, by freelance travel bloggers who love Romania as much as we do.

We document all the attractions that make Romania a must-see travel destination, from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites to the small and traditional village where life carries on undisturbed by our busy lives. Because Romania it’s a sum of very different and unique attractions and experiences.

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Uncover Romania is focused on the real travel destination. We don’t promote or encourage mass tourism.
On the contrary, we believe in the values of responsible tourism. This is why we only focus on the places and attractions that are meaningful and fascinating for you, the curious and responsible traveler.


We are happy to partner with brands, travel service providers, and specialized tour operators who share our values and views on responsible tourism.
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