8-Days Itineraries for Memorable Family Road Trips in Romania

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Are you planning a family road trip in Romania and want to make the most of your vacation? Check our detailed itineraries with options and activities that are great even for cranky toddlers.

First is first. You’ll need a car because this is the best way to travel in Romania. As much as we’d like to limit our carbon footprint, the complicated connections and slow speed make train travel an unattractive option for families. Major exceptions are the train connections from Bucharest to Brasov and Bucharest to Constanta.

Second, our family road trips in Romania include some of the must-see landmarks in Romania, without planning to check all the sites on Trip Advisor. In the end, slow travel is the best way to travel with tired, sleepy, or hungry kids.­

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Orbán Balázs Cave, Varghisului Gorges

Both itineraries start and end in Brasov, but you can easily adapt them even if you start in Bucharest. The approximated distances are based on Google Maps navigation.

1. Road trip in Transylvania

Brasov – Rasnov – Zarnesti – Porumbacu de Sus – Hosman – Sibiu – Alba Iulia– Turda – Malancrav – Sighisoara – Rupea – Brasov

Duration: 8 days / Distance: around 775 km

Perfect for families with toddlers and preschoolers

Anyone who’s ever traveled with small kids knows how crucial it is to find playgrounds, amusement parks, and any fun activities to keep the little ones happy. You cannot possibly take a 3-year-old to see churches, squares, or museums and not offer him or her an awesome experience as well.

This itinerary fits well with most sightseeing tours in and around Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, and Cluj. You can do it all or split it depending on where you start.

Day 1: Dino Parc, Rasnov Fortress, and Valea Cetatii Cave

Driving distance: 30 km /Spend the night in Rasnov

Starting in Brasov, drive to Rasnov and visit Dino Parc. This dinosaur-themed amusement park has many playgrounds for the little ones and opens daily from 10 am. It’s on the way to Rasnov Fortress and close to Valea Cetatii Cave, both family-friendly attractions.


Velociraptor, Dino Park

Photo credits dinoparc.ro

Check Dino Parc’s schedule and fees

Day 2: The Bear Sanctuary and Zarnesti Gorges

Driving distance: 40 km / Spend the night in Porumbacu de Sus

If your kids are above five, visit on the following day the Bear Sanctuary from Zarnesti. Spend the afternoon walking in Zarnesti Gorges from Piatra Craiului National Park. It’s an easy walk, suitable even for toddlers, perfect to get them tired for a quiet drive to Porumbacu de Sus.

Buy the sanctuary tickets in advance on millionsoffriends.org


Zarnesti Gorges

Day 3: Transfagarasan and Porumbacu de Sus

Driving distance: 200 km / Spend the night in Porumbacu de Sus

Start the day early and drive from Rasnov to Balea Lake to enjoy the landscapes of the nearby Transfagarasan. Stop for the night in nearby Porumbacu de Sus and take your kids to see the fairytale Castelul de Lut. This village from the foothills of the Fagaras Mountains is a great choice if you want to spend a few more days relaxing.

Castelul de Lut, Valea Zanelor

Photo credits valeazanelor.ro

Day 4: Mocanita train and Sibiu

Spend the night in Sibiu / Driving distance: 60 km

On your way to Sibiu, stop in Hosman for a morning ride with the steam train Mocanita to Cornatel and back. You can buy the train tickets on sibiuagnitarailway.com.

Continue to Sibiu and spend the afternoon walking around the central squares of the Old Town. These pedestrian areas are great for kids to run around and eat too much ice cream in the summertime.

Day 5: Alba Iulia Citadel

Driving distance: 80 km / Spend the night in Alba Iulia

Add a bit of history to your family road trip to Romania. Drive to Alba Iulia and visit the Citadel, only one hour away from Sibiu. The changing of the guard ceremony is a great attraction for kids, and they have large spaces to run around while you try to visit at least some of the sites.

things to do in Alba Iulia

Change of guards, Alba Iulia

Day 6: Turda Salt Mine

Driving distance: 220 km / Spend the night in Malancrav

Take your kids to play in the underground, in the biggest salt mine in Romania, for a memorable family time.

Check the schedule and fees on www.salinaturda.eu


Theresa Mine, Turda Salt Mine

Photo credits alinaturda.eu

Head after lunch to the beautiful village of Malancrav where they can run around free and discover rural life. The fortified church and the idyllic surrounding give you something to look forward to as well.

Day 7: Cool down in Malancrav

Spend the night in Malancrav

Take a day to do nothing and relax. Book a guest house with a large yard and enjoy the peace until your kids wake up.


Malancrav Fortified Church

Day 8: Sighisoara and Rupea Fortress

Driving distance: 145 km / Spend the night in Brasov

This is the longest day of this family road trip in Romania. Start the day early and drive to nearby Sighisoara. The car-free medieval Old Town is perfect for family walks unless you must push a stroller around. Take your kids up in the Clock Tower and on the Scholars’ Stairs.

Drive to Brasov after lunch and stop to visit Rupea Fortress on the way unless they’re already asleep from all the walking.

2. Road trip in Romania with short hikes across the Carpathians

Brasov – Varghis Gorges – Piatra Craiului Mountains – Fagaras Mountains – Balea Lake – Brasov

Duration: 8 days / Distance: around 590 km

Perfect for families with active kids, at least 4-year-old of age.

This road trip combines easy day hikes in the Carpathians with some of the fun activities presented in the previous itinerary. It’s a great choice for active families who enjoy their time in nature. Be sure to buy a map, check the weather conditions, and pack enough food and water before each hike.

Day 1: Hike in Varghis Gorges

Driving distance: 145 km / Spend the night in Brasov

Discover one of the most beautiful hiking routes in Romania, set across the scenic Varghisului Gorges. The suspended bridges, the caves, and the panoramas are the main attractions.

It takes around four hours to do the full round trip, more with small kids, but there are no difficult parts to worry about unless your kids are daredevils who want to jump in the water no matter how shallow or deep.

Find more information on this hike on Muntii Nostri

Day 2: Dino Park, Rasnov Fortress, and Valea Cetatii Cave

Driving distance: 40 km /Spend the night in Brasov

Check Day 1 from the first road trip in Romania itinerary.


Valea Cetatii Cave

Photo credits pestera-valeacetatii.ro

Day 3: The Bear Sanctuary and Zarnesti Gorges

Driving distance: 70 km / Spend the night in Zarnesti

Check Day 2 from the previous itinerary.

Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary

Bears in the pool, Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary

Photo credits millionsoffriends.org

Day 4: Hike in Piatra Craiului Mountains

Spend the night in Zarnesti, Magura, or Pestera

You have many hiking routes to choose from in Piatra Craiului Mountains. Pick the right one depending on your children’s age and, of course, the weather. Book a nearby accommodation.

Check the detailed itineraries on Muntii Nostri

family hikes in the Carpathians

Pestera, Piatra Craiului National Park

Day 5: Porumbacu de Sus

Driving distance: 105 km / Spend the night in Porumbacu de Sus

Drive to Porumbacu de Sus and spend the day relaxing. You can walk around the village to admire old houses and see the great views of the Fagaras Mountains.

Day 6: Hike in Fagaras Mountains

Driving distance: 15 km / Spend the night in Porumbacu de Sus or Negoiu Hut

Enjoy one of the few easy hikes in the Fagaras, from Porumbacu de Sus to Negoiu Hut (1,550 meters), following the blue triangle route. To make the most of your time, try to leave the car as close as possible to the stone quarry. The forest road is very bumpy, but it’s worth it and you won’t risk your kids getting too bored before the actual hike.

Fagaras Mountains

Take a short detour to admire Serbota Waterfall, one of the most beautiful in the Carpathians. If the hike up is too much, roughly around hours for an adult, book in time a room at Negoiu Hut and descend the next day.

Day 7: Hike from Balea Lake and the Transfagarasan

Driving distance: 100 km / Spend the night in Porumbacu de Sus

Drive on the high-altitude Transfagarasan, from Cartisoara to Balea Lake. You can take a short walk around the glacial lake, or you can escape the summer crowds with a short hike from Balea (2,034 meters) to Capra Lake (2,238 meters). It takes roughly one hour for a healthy adult to reach this lake, more with kids because of the steep terrain.

Capra Lake

Capra Lake, Fagaras Mountains

Don’t hesitate to take this route. With a bit of patience and attention, you’ll enjoy together with your children the great alpine landscape of the Fagaras.

Check the hike on Muntii Nostri

Day 8: Back to Brasov

Driving distance: 115 km / Spend the night in Brasov

Drive back to Brasov. If you still have the energy, don’t miss a visit to the ruins of Carta Abbey and Fagaras Fortress.

Discover more interesting ideas for your road trips in Romania.

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