Breaded Zander Fillets

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Recipe & photo by Romanian Food for Foreigners


Time: 10 minutes (not including filleting)

Servings: 2 portions of two fillets each (or will serve 4 people if served with a more substantial side dish, like potatoes)


2 fresh zander (or 4 fillets)

1 large egg, beaten

2 heaped tablespoons of flour

½ cup of fine breadcrumbs

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Oil for frying

Optional: paprika, garlic powder, rosemary


1. Heat about a centimeter of oil in a large pan to a medium-high temperature.

2. Wash the fillets and pat them dry with a kitchen towel, then dip them in the flour and shake off the excess.

3. Drag the fillet through the egg and allow excess to drip off – make sure it’s fully coated.

4. Drag it through the breadcrumbs and allow excess crumbs to fall off. Once you are satisfied that it’s evenly coated, gently lay it in the hot oil, laying it away from your body so you don’t splash hot oil on yourself.

5. Cook for about 3-4 minutes, turn, and cook the other side for about 2-3 minutes. It should be golden-brown all over. When you cut into the schnitzel, the flesh should be white, hot to the touch, but still juicy. The trick is to get the temperature right – too hot and the outside will burn before the fish is cooked, too cool and the fish will be overcooked by the time the coating crisps up.

6. Serve with salad, chips, sautéed potatoes, and some kind of sauce (tartar sauce works, but mujdei (garlic sauce) is also a good choice).

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