Explore the Old Paths of Bihor Mountain

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Bihor Mountain is part of Apuseni Nature Park, a protected area of wild landscapes, thousands of years old caves and impressive waterfalls. Even if it does not rival in height with other parts of the Carpathians, its flora, fauna and scenic hiking trails offer a memorable time and lots of fun.

bihor mountain

Old trails across the mountain ridge

Hiking across the ridge will give you easy access to the highest peaks, Curcubata Mare or Bihor Peak (1,849 meters), Vladeasa Peak (1,836 meters) and Muntele Mare (1,826 meters), the last one offering panoramic views over Apuseni Mountains and the valleys of Zarand and Beius. Hiking here is anything but an ordinary experience, as some of these mountain trails are 100 years old, being, in fact, some of the oldest hiking routes in the country.

bihor mountain

Millenary caves and impressive waterfalls

Bihor Mountain does not only offer great hiking itineraries, but also plenty of secret caves, gorges and waterfalls that are more than worth your time. You can visit Vartop Cave that preserves human footprints 62,000 years old or Cetatile Ponorului, an ensemble of caves with wide spectacular entrances. Plus, an easy trail we’ll take you to Varciorog Waterfall, an excellent place for a rest before you start your next hike.

bihor mountain

Iconic flora and fauna

Hiking on this mountain will help you observe diverse species of plants and animals. You’ll walk in deciduous and coniferous forests, you’ll smell mountain flowers, maybe you’ll see a deer or two. It’s less likely you’ll see the other species that live here: brown bears, martens, wolves, foxes and different species of bats hidden in the caves of the mountain. You have no reason to worry. As long as you keep to the hiking trail, the chances of seeing a bear or a wolf are close to zero.

If you happen to be planning a trip to Apuseni, the area of Bihor Mountain should definitely be on your list, especially if you’ve already hiked the high altitudes peaks from the Southern Carpathians. Combine a trip here with the caves from Apuseni Mountains, and you’re on your way to a perfect vacation.

Travel tips

Depending on your time, you can choose between different trails to explore Bihor Mountain. We recommended having at least the basic mountain equipment, water supplies, even though you’ll find some water sources on the mountain as well.

If you don’t have enough time, but you still want to hike on the ridge, you can take the cable car from the ski path Vartop from Arieseni, then follow the redpoint trail to the peak. This way, it will take you about four hours to reach the top.

Read more about the area on www.parcapuseni.ro

If you’d like to go on a hiking tour in Romania, check our active tours on www.uncover-romania-tours.com

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Andra Tudor
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