Traditions in Romania: Dragobete and the Celebration of Love

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
Diana is a tourism consultant, tour guide, travel writer and amateur photographer. You can find Diana on LinkedIn

Way before the imported Valentine’s Day, Romania celebrated its own day of love, Dragobete, on February 24. One of the most beautiful Romanian traditions, Dragobete is a symbol of youth, love, hope, and nature rebirth.


Dragobete has several mythological representations, depending on local beliefs and superstitions. However, all are positive, Dragobete being a protector of birds, a symbol of spring, or a god of love.

Traditionally, on this day, young people perform several rituals to find love and happiness in the year to come. They search the woods for spring flowers, dance, and even kiss in front of the village community, a fact that back in the day was as solid as an engagement commitment. Being alone on this day was a definite sign of bad luck in love for the rest of the year.

Although modern times and values have replaced these old practices, Dragobete remains one of the most authentic Romanian traditions and a good reminder of the ultimate need for love in our lives.

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