Five Day Trips from Brasov You Should Take

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Brasov is one of the best destinations in Romania if you’re planning to take more one-day trips across Transylvania. One of the main advantages is that you can easily reach this medieval old city from Bucharest, by train or car. Plus, Brasov is just a short drive away from some of the fascinating landmarks of Transylvania whether you’re thinking of the breathtaking Carpathians or the fortified churches built by the German colonists.

Our insiders’ guide to the top five one day trips from Brasov will guide you in choosing the best options for your vacation in Transylvania.

1. Don’t miss Viscri

The most famous of all the fortified churches part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites is only one hour by car from Brasov. A symbol of the Saxons of Transylvania cultural heritage, this splendid white church is only one of the attractions from Viscri where the traditional architecture, the craftsmen, the hand-made souvenirs, the agricultural landscape, and the slow pace of life create one of the most authentic villages in the country.


Viscri alley

You’ll find plenty of things to do if you want to spend an entire day in the village. You can serve home-made meals from organically grown ingredients, you can visit local artisans, rent bikes, walk around the village, or you can simply take your time to relax ages away from your busy life.

Viscri is included in our UNESCO Heritage Day Trip from Brasov and in most of our tours in Transylvania.

2. Uncover Sighisoara

Sighisoara, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe, is next on our list. One of the classical options for day trips from Brasov, Sighisoara is about two hours away by car, but you can also take a direct train.

Included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Sighisoara is one of the seven citadels founded in the medieval centuries by the German colonists. A rich and free commercial town, Sighisoara had to defend itself against devastating Ottoman and Mongol attacks. The best solution was fortifying the town, enclosing it completely with strong walls, towers, and bastions that each guild was responsible for maintaining and protecting.


The Clock Tower, Sighisoara

Most of the towers and parts of the fortification walls are still standing, offering an unparalleled image of life in a medieval town. The Church on the Hill, the Dominican Monastery, and the Evangelical Cemetery complete the list of must-see attractions.

Sighisoara is included in our UNESCO Heritage Day Trip from Brasov and in most of our tours in Transylvania.

3. Take hikes and visit the Bear Sanctuary

If you want to spend one day in nature, choose a hike in Piatra Craiului National Park. There are many trail options departing from Zarnesti, a small city you can reach in less than one hour by car or train. Plan your hike depending on the weather, and always consider your hiking equipment and experience. From easy and short hikes through villages like Pestera and Magura to more challenging climbs above 2,000 meters, this national park is our top nature choice for a day trip from Brasov.

Piatra Craiului National Park

Piatra Craiului Mountains

If you go by car, start your day early morning and stop first at the Bear Sanctuary from Zarnesti. This is the largest in Europe, a true haven for bears saved from cruel captivity conditions. Book your ticket a couple of days before as the number of visitors is limited to disturb as little as possible the wild animals living in the sanctuary.

4. Visit Cincu and Cincsor Villages

Halfway between Brasov and Sibiu, Cincu is a more off the beaten track destination, the perfect escape in rural Transylvania. Cincu will surprise you with its impressive 13th-century Romanesque basilica, one of the largest in Transylvania, and its architecture that resembles more of a small town than a village.

Until WW2, Cincu was a prosperous community, a solid tradition since the medieval centuries when the village had important political and administrative powers. Visit also Cincsor, the neighboring village, and its 14th century fortified church. For the best views of the village and Fagaras Mountains, bike or drive towards Agnita.

5. Tour the medieval fortresses

The medieval fortresses of Transylvania were once the first and most important defensive structure of this region that was hundreds of years ago constantly attacked by the Ottomans. Most of them were completely destroyed, while others survived sieges, earthquakes, fires, and ruin. Taking day trips from Brasov is the best way to see some of the most famous fortresses in Transylvania: Rasnov, Bran, and Rupea.


Rasnov Fortress, view from the Old Town

Start with Rasnov and Bran, both built in the 14th century by the German colonists, and continue with Rupea, the snail-shaped fortress that rises on an abrupt basalt rock halfway between Brasov and Sighisoara.

If you still have enough daytime, drive to Saschiz and take a half an hour walk uphill to explore the ruins of the 14th-century fortress that was once used to defend the village.

These fortresses are included in our one day tours from Bucharest or Brasov.

Brasov offers so many options for curious travelers. Spend at least three nights in the city and take as many day trips from Brasov as you can. You can be sure it will be one of your most memorable vacations.

Where to stay in Brasov

We do recommend you book in advance your stay in Brasov. If you’re looking for a lovely guest house located in the Old Town, we recommend Villa Katharina, Casa Rozelor, and The Pines Boutique Villa, but also the boutique hotels Bella Muzica and Antler.

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