Cycling in Transylvania: Five Itineraries from the Saxon Land

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Cycling in Transylvania is one of the best ways to uncover this beautiful region of Romania. Whether you’ll cycle for a couple of days or only for a few hours, you’ll have a lot of fun and one of the most original travel experiences of your life.

You can choose from the over 200 km of marked trails in Podisul Tarnavelor and Hartibaciu, a vast area of traditional Saxon villages, fortified churches, mouth-watering dishes, and a slow-paced lifestyle hard to find somewhere else.

Cycling in Transylvania

Mesendorf Fortified Church

Our five recommendations vary from shorter and easier trails to longer and more intense itineraries from the counties of Brasov, Mures, and Sibiu. Just remember to have enough water with you and to avoid cycling in the extreme summer heat.

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1. Sighisoara – Malancrav

Time: 6-7 hours/Distance: 31 km/Trail signs: red line and blue line

This is for sure one of the most scenic trails if you’re planning to go cycling in Transylvania. Departing from Sighisoara, you’ll go on a steep hill up to the Breite plateau where you’ll see centuries-old oak trees before descending on a splendid forest trail to Stejareni, the first village on your way.

Cycling in Transylvania

Biking to Malancrav

The route continues partly on paved and gravel roads, but you’ll spend most of your time biking through forests and meadows covered with almost endless views of wildflowers. In Cris, you can stop for refreshments at the small village shop across the medieval Bethlen Castle. Your next stop is Malancrav, a true landmark of the Saxon heritage of Transylvania where you can visit the local fortified church and the many talented local artisans.

You can rent a bike in Sighisoara.

2. Malancrav – Copsa Mare – Biertan

Time: 3 hours/Distance: 15 km/Trail signs: blue line

From Malancrav, you can continue your journey to Biertan via Nou Sasesc and Copsa Mare. The key attractions of this route that departs from the Apafi Mansion in Malancrav are Copsa Mare, a small village with a 14th-century fortified church, and Biertan with its major UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Copsa Mare

Copsa Mare Fortified Church

You can rent a bike in Biertan.

3. Sighisoara – Aurel Vlaicu – Viscri

Time: 6-7 hours/Distance: 47 km/Trail signs: red line

A long and scenic trail, this route avoids all villages and is the best option if you’re looking for a full day in nature, crossing picturesque fields and forests all the way from Sighisoara to Viscri. The only downside is you have to carry enough food and water with you, but it’s a small price to pay considering the great time you’ll have. Both Sighisoara and Viscri are world-famous for their UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Save half a day for each of them.

Cycling in Transylvania

Viscri Village

You can rent a bike in Sighisoara or Viscri.

4. Viscri – Mesendorf– Crit

Time: 5 hours/Distance: 30 km/Trail signs: red line and red cross

From Viscri you can continue your cycling in Transylvania taking one of the first marked itineraries of the region. You’ll get to see the fortified churches of Crit and Mesendorf and the typical rural landscapes of Saxon Transylvania. You can return to Viscri for the night or stay in Crit, both places have great accommodation options.

Cycling in Transylvania

Crit Fortified Church

You can rent a bike in Viscri or Crit.

5. Viscri – Rupea

Time: 2-3 hours/Distance: 13 km/Trail signs: red line

If you’re back in Viscri, and you’d like to take a shorter route, choose the itinerary going to the medieval Rupea Fortress, one of the largest in Transylvania. You can continue cycling to Homorod where you can visit one more medieval fortified church, or you can head to the railway station to take the train for Brasov or Sighisoara.

Rupea Fortress

Rupea Fortress

You can rent a bike in Viscri.

Travel tips

Cycling in Transylvania is lots of fun, but be sure to book your accommodation in advance. The small villages from the Saxon part of Transylvania are becoming a trendy destination and the few guest houses here book fast.



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