Five Bucharest Tours Ideas for a Local Experience

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Bucharest will surprise you, you can be sure of that. Whether you’re just passing by on your way to Transylvania, you’re in town for a business trip or the capital is your main destination, you have plenty of Bucharest tour options to discover an intriguing and authentic city.

We grouped the most interesting options in five Bucharest tour ideas that focus greatly on the local experience, beyond tourist traps and commercial attractions.

We invite you to discover Bucharest at your own pace.

1. Historical Bucharest Tour: from medieval to communist time

Few capitals in Europe have witnessed so much drama as Bucharest. A small fortified village on the route to medieval capitals like Targoviste and Curtea de Arges centuries ago, Bucharest developed quickly into a commercial city. It was, nonetheless, located on the front line of Ottoman attacks for hundreds of years.

Devastating wars, fires, and earthquakes marked the faith of Bucharest until the second part of the 19th-century when the capital became the face of Romania’s modernization.

Bucharest tours

The former headquarters of the Central Committee of the Romanian Communist Party

Monumental palaces and French-style edifices appeared on the newly created large boulevards of the city that became the Paris of the East until the First World War when it was occupied for two years by the German army. Freedom and cosmopolitism followed until the Second World War when Bucharest was massively bombed. The worst came later with the terror and destruction brought by the communist regime.

The history of the city is overwhelming and fascinating. Take your time to uncover it.

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2. Tour the museums

One day is the minimum duration for a tour of Bucharest’s must-visit museums. From major national museums that will keep you captivated for hours to smaller museums, often set in memorial houses, you’ll feel like you’ll have more options than time.

To make your travel planning a bit easier, we combined the museums in pairs based on the average visit duration and their main theme.

National History Museum

Jewel from the collections of the National History Museum


The National Museum of Art, located in the former Royal Palace from the Revolution Square, and the Art Collections Museums are the must-see when it comes to art. Both museums are located on Victoriei Avenue, and you can buy a joint ticket valid for the entire day.

Smaller art museums we absolutely recommend are Stork, Theodor Aman, and Zambaccian.


The Village Museum and the Peasant Museum are unmissable if you’re interested in peasant architecture and rural folklore. Plus, walking from one to another is a pleasant stroll in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Bucharest.

Village Museum Bucharest

House from Apuseni Mountains, the Village Museum


The National Museum of History, located in the former Palace of the Post, and the Museum of Bucharest, located in the former Sutu Palace, are the best options. You’ll find both museums in the Old Town.

National Museum of History Bucharest

Statue of Roman Emperor Trajan, the National Museum of History

Be sure to check the schedule of each museum beforehand. Some of them are closed on Monday and Tuesday, the History Museum for example, but others are opened all week long (the Village Museum).

There are many more museums in the capital for you to visit, but we suggest you start with these ones if it’s your first time in Bucharest.

3. Tour the parks of Bucharest

Locals love their parks, especially on warm sunny days when these green enclaves become the main attraction point of the capital. Spread all over the city, topped by the Vacaresti Delta – recently declared a protected area –, the parks of Bucharest are the perfect option if you’re looking to relax and snooze at least for a few moments the noisy rhythm of Bucharest.

Carol Park Bucharest

Carol Park

Our favorites are Carol Park, Cismigiu Park, King Michael Park (the former Herastrau), IOR Park, and Tineretului Park.

4. Take a food tour to eat like the locals

Locals love to eat. You can easily tell that by the number of pastry shops, one every corner, restaurants, and street food venues. They also enjoy their coffee and glass of wine. Discover their favorite restaurants and taste mouth-watering dishes and desserts during your time in Bucharest. In the end, it’s one of the best ways to truly experience the local culture.

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5. Bucharest beyond the Old Town

There’s more to Bucharest than the Old Town and the main landmarks in your travel guide. Old villas, small streets, neighborhoods from a past time, summer terraces, small shops and coffee places, a different universe close enough to discover on foot if you simply walk beyond the Old Town.

Our favorites are the small streets that intersect Dacia Boulevard, Dumbrava Rosie Street, the romantic streets that take us to Icoanei Garden, the old Mantuleasa neighborhood area, and General Berthelot Street.

Bucharest tours

A former aristocratic mansion, Negustori Street

These are five ideas of Bucharest tours you can take by yourself or with a guide, to uncover one of the most authentic capitals of Europe. Reserve at least two days to explore as much as possible, you’ll soon see there’s much more to it than you imagined before coming to Bucharest.

Don’t forget to book your accommodation in time to be sure you get the best deals. You can find below a hand-picked selection of our favorite places to stay in Bucharest.

Where to stay in Bucharest

If you prefer the hotel experience right in the heart of historical Bucharest, our recommendations are Hilton Garden Inn Bucharest, Mansion Boutique Hotel, Grand Boutique Hotel, Grand Hotel Continental, Epoque Hotel, Cismigiu Hotel, all splendid buildings from the glory days of Bucharest.

Booking an apartment is also a popular and more budget-friendly option in Bucharest. While there are hundreds of choices, we can help narrow down your list to the best. Our suggestions are Vila Cotroceni Boutique Apartments, University Central by Orchid Garden, Bucharest Residence, Diana’s Flat Bucharest, Cismigiu Orchid Garden, Studio Old Town, Elysium.

If hostels are your thing, try Umbrella Hostel located in a 1920s building, Podstel Bucharest close to the beautiful Carol Park or First Hostel Bucharest.

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