Bucharest to Transylvania: Five Day Trips to Remember

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Bucharest is by far the most popular city destination in Romania, and the capital will most likely be on your visit list. It’s also a favorite starting point for day trips or longer tours of Romania, including to famous Transylvania.

Taking day trips is an attractive option if you only have a few days in Romania as traveling from Bucharest to Transylvania is easy and fast. You can reach Brasov by car, train, or even by bus without major headaches. For longer tours starting in Bucharest, it’s best to travel by car as train connections only cover major cities.

Either way, plan your trip to Romania to the smallest details and decide early on if you’ll travel independently or with a travel agency. To help you organize, we have a few day tour suggestions from Bucharest to Transylvania.

1. Day trip to the Libearty Sanctuary

Home for over 100 brown bears, the Libearty Sanctuary from Zarnesti is the largest brown bear sanctuary in the world. Extending 69 hectares in an oak forest, the sanctuary is dedicated to Maya, a bear who died tragically, trapped all her life in a small cage.

With ages from a couple of months to over 20 years, the bears from this sanctuary have now found their paradise with swimming pools and trees to climb. Most of them were previously held captive in cruel conditions in circuses or zoos.

Bear Sanctuary Zarnesti

Bears playing in the sanctuary

Photo credits: the Libearty Sanctuary

You can only visit the sanctuary in the morning, from Tuesday to Sunday, and it’s best to book your ticket a few days before. Leave Bucharest four hours before to be sure you’ll make it in time.

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2. Day trip to Brasov

Brasov is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania and the easiest to visit on a day trip from Bucharest to Transylvania. Nearly three hours away, Brasov is a great destination to get a glimpse of Transylvania.

Once a fortified city, Brasov has an eventful history that starts in the early 13th century with the Teutonic Knights. German colonists, Ottoman attacks, a devastating fire, the Reformation, and a major anti-communist protest are all part of its history.

things to do in Brasov

The Council Square, Brasov

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3. Day trip to the fortified churches

The fortified churches of Transylvania are unique in the European space in terms of architectural diversity. Many of them survived centuries after their defensive purpose was no longer of use for local communities.

On a day trip from Bucharest to Transylvania, you can easily visit the fortified churches from the villages Prejmer and Harman. If Prejmer is unique for its many rooms built inside the walls, Harman has the tallest tower in the region and splendid Oriental carpets.


Prejmer Fortified Church

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4. Day trip to the medieval fortresses

The architectural landscape of Transylvania would be very different today without its iconic medieval landmarks. Rebuilt or in ruins, these fortresses tell the story of a very different world, one in which locals’ life was constantly threatened by enemy attacks.


Rasnov Fortress, view from the Old Town

On a day tour from Bucharest to Transylvania, you can visit the legendary Bran Castle, Rasnov Fortress, and the less-known Codlea Fortress, all medieval monuments built starting with the 14th century.

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5. Day trip to Postavaru Massif or Piatra Craiului Mountains

If you’re planning an active day trip, we suggest Rasnoavei Gorges from Postavaru Massif or Piatra Craiului Mountains. In this case, driving is the best option to enjoy more time in the great outdoors.

Choose the first option if you’re passionate about rock climbing or if you wish to do easier hikes. The easy route to Poiana Secuilor is a great option even for hikes with small kids. Piatra Craiului Mountains also offer wonderful day trip options, starting from Zarnesti, Pestera, or Magura.

Check the detailed hiking routes on Muntii Nostri


Postavaru Mountain

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These are a few ideas for trips from Bucharest to Transylvania. We tried all of them first-hand, and we’re sure you’ll have a great time as well.

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