UNESCO Heritage Romania

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The UNESCO Heritage of Romania

The UNESCO Heritage of Romania is an excellent starting point for your vacation. This tour will take you from the dawn of the first millennium to medieval times when churches from Transylvania defended communities and celebrated victories. Don't miss the birds' paradise from the Danube Delta, the primeval forests, or the ancient Roman mines from Rosia Montana.

June 4, 2015

Viscri: The Saxon Village Where Traditions Came Back to Life

Viscri is one of Romania's most beautiful villages, best-known for its centuries-old fortified church and traditional houses.
January 4, 2014
wooden churches of Maramures

The Wooden Churches of Maramures: When Faith Withstands Time

The centuries-old wooden churches of Maramures are part of the UNESCO World Heritage of Romania. A must-see of your time in Romania.
May 9, 2018
Desesti wooden church

The Church of Desesti: The Bewitching Murals of Doomsday

Desesti Church simply fascinates with its original and breathtaking murals and perfect balance of proportions. A must-see of Maramures.

Map of UNESCO Heritage Romania

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11 Sarmizegetusa Regia Dacian Site
22 Banita Dacian Site
33 Piatra Rosie Dacian Site
44 Costesti Dacian Site
55 Blidaru Dacian Site
66 Capalna Dacian Site
77 Horezu Monastery
88 Sighisoara Citadel
99 Calnic Village with Fortified Church
1010 Biertan Village with Fortified Church
1111 Valea Viilor Village with Fortified Church
1212 Saschiz Village with Fortified Church
1313 Viscri Village with Fortified Church
1414 Darjiu Village with Fortified Church
1515 Prejmer Village with Fortified Church
1616 Surdesti - Holy Archangels Wooden Church
1717 Rogoz - Holy Archangels Wooden Church
1818 Plopis - St. Archangels Wooden Church
1919 Budesti - St. Nicholas Wooden Church
2020 Poienile Izei - Holy Paraskeva Wooden Church
2121 Deal Ieud Wooden Church
2222 Barsana Wooden Church
2323 Desesti - Holy Paraskeva Wooden Church
2424 Voronet Monastery
2525 Humor Monastery
2626 Moldovita Monastery
2727 Sucevita Monastery
2828 Arbore Monastery
2929 Patrauti Church
3030 St. George Church
3131 Probota Monastery
3232 The Danube Delta
3333 - 44 Ancient and Primeval Beech Forest