Malancrav: The Village Where Time Almost Stood Still

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Diana Condrea
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Malancrav is a small village that dates from the early years of the 14th century and an absolute must for travelers curious to discover a place where time almost stood still. Surrounded by the dreamy landscape and green slopes of Transylvania, Malancrav is today the village with the largest German ethnic population in the region.


View of the village

Past and present in Malancrav

This cultural bridge to its past makes Malancrav one of the finest villages in Transylvania, where traditions, Saxon architecture, ethnic diversity, and local flavors combine to create a unique experience. The history of the village is at least 700 years old. Its fortified church and the recently restored Apafi Mansion are testimonies of its centuries-old stories and events.


The Parish House

Contrary to other free Saxon villages of Transylvania, Malancrav was the property of the Apafi family, and locals were part of the serfdom system that was abolished only in the 19th century. The isolation of the village meant, however, that even important news traveled slow and serfdom lasted here for 12 more years.

The fortified church with exceptional frescoes

In Transylvania, you can tell a Saxon village from a distance as you can easily spot its fortified church. Malancrav is by no means the exception because the village has, in fact, one of the most interesting fortified churches in Transylvania.

Malancrav Church

Jesus sacrificing

Built in the 14th century on the place of an older Romanesque basilica, the church is impressive even though it lost most of its fortifications. Still, what makes it truly rare are the interior frescoes that cover 20 meters with 53 scenes from the Old and New Testaments. This is the largest Gothic fresco in Transylvania, a region where very few pre-Reformation church paintings still exist. The altar with scenes from the lives of Saint Clara and Saint Mary is another precious piece, donated hundreds of years ago by Mihai Apafi.

Malancrav Church

A scene with the death of the Virgin Mary

If you’re not afraid of heights, climb the five wooden staircases that will take you to the church tower. You’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of the village.

The Apafi Mansion, a rare local example of conservation

Saved from a sure collapse by the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust, Apafi Mansion is one of the highlights of the village and a state-of-the-art restoration work. The mansion, located just a few meters away from the church, was the property of the Apafi family and later of the Bethlen family, before becoming in 1920 the property of the village.

Confiscated by the communist authorities during the nationalization process, the house went back to the village only in 2000. After years of restoration, the mansion is now open as a local guest house, overseeing the village and its revived traditions.


Apafi Mansion

Local traditions and flavors to experience in Malancrav

So many traditions are preserved in Malancrav that you’ll easily find yourself wanting to spend more time in this timeless village. Thanks to a local project, visitors can join one or more of the numerous workshops that cover traditional ways of cooking, weaving, and carpentry techniques.

You can also learn more about making fresh and tasty apple juice by taking a tour of the local ecological orchard, another project aiming to support the sustainable development of the village.


Horsecart ride

Visiting Malancrav is one of the best things to do in Transylvania, especially if you’re looking to discover the true spirit of this region, nominated by Lonely Planet as the number 1 region to visit in 2016. Plus, the only accommodation options are the local guest houses, one more reason to choose Malancrav for your vacation in Transylvania.

Where to stay in Malancrav?

Book your stay in the guest houses managed by the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust. This way, you’ll contribute to the conservation of the cultural patrimony of the village.

Travel tips

Spend at least two days in Malancrav, but be sure to book your accommodation in time, especially in the summertime.

For a complete experience, bike to Malancrav from Sighisoara on the marked bicycle trail that crosses Breite, Stejareni, and Cris.

Sighisoara and the fortified church of Biertan are great nearby attractions.

Malancrav is included in many of our tours in Transylvania. More tours on


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