Nine Scenic Waterfalls in Romania You Should See

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Romania has beautiful waterfalls, especially if you go deep into the national parks. If you enjoy hiking and long walks in nature, you have a real chance of seeing at least one or two of the spectacular waterfalls in Romania. Some are close enough to the national road but that translates through large crowds and over-tourism in the summer months.

We included both isolated and easy-to-reach waterfalls in Romania in our article. Keep in mind that many more exist. Buy a hiking map of the Carpathians and enjoy discovering them.

1. Serbota Waterfall

Location: Fagaras Mountains, Sibiu County

family hikes in the Carpathians

Less known than the popular Balea Waterfall and accessible only on foot, Serbota Waterfall is maybe the most beautiful in Fagaras Mountains. The 20 meters high waterfall is located at 1,400 meters, close to Negoiu Hut, following the blue triangle marked hiking route from Porumbacu de Sus. It’s an easy route, perfect even for families with small kids.

2. Cascada Cailor Waterfall

Location: Rodnei Mountains National Park, Maramures County

The highest waterfall in Romania, 95 meters tall, the Horses’ Waterfall (Cascada Cailor) is located at 1,300 meters in Rodnei Mountains National Park. The water falls in several steps creating one of the most beautiful images from the Carpathian Mountains. According to the legend, the horses that were brought by locals to graze on a higher plateau were cornered by bears, jumping into the abyss that then became the waterfall.

The waterfall can be reached by chairlift or following an easy hiking path that starts in Borsa Resort, close to the chairlift station.

3. Duruitoarea Waterfall

Location: Ceahlau National Park, Neamt County

Watefalls in Romania

Duruitoarea Waterfall

The first stop on your way from Durau to the highest peak of Ceahlau Mountain, the 25 meters tall Duruitoarea Waterfall gets its name from the unmistakable powerful sound it creates when water is abundant. In fact, you’ll hear the waterfall long before you’ll actually see it. It’s a great stop to cool off in summers and a wonderful sight on frozen winter days.

4. Casoca Waterfall

Location: Podul Calului Mountain, Buzau County

Watefalls in Romania

Casoca Waterfall

Smaller than most of the waterfalls in Romania, with a plunge of only 5-6 meters, Casoca is, nonetheless, one of the most beautiful in the country. Located only a few kilometers from the artificial dam Siriu, on the panoramic DN10 road that connects Buzau and Brasov, Casoca Waterfall is situated close to a key mountain fortification line from World War I.

Its history stories don’t stop here, on its left side you’ll find a small cave where Gheorghilas, an outlaw that supported a major rebellion from 1821, was hiding back in the day. Locals still celebrate Gheorghilas every year on the 1st of June.

5. Beusnita Waterfall

Location: Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, Caras-Severin County

After a short, but steep walk from the clear blue lake Ochiul Beiului, you’ll find the waterfall Beusnita. They’re in fact a succession of small cascades that continue up until the final and most impressive one that reaches 5 meters in height. For the best view come in spring when the volume is abundant and the effect of the water falling through moss and lichen is dazzling.

6. Vaioaga Waterfall

Location: Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, Caras-Severin County

Watefalls in Romania

Vaioaga Waterfall

The third waterfall from Cheile Nerei on our list, Vaioaga is the first you’ll see when walking from Podu Bei towards Ochiului Beiului Lake and Beusnita. A small sign, otherwise easy to miss, points the way to the waterfall that’s only a few meters away from the main walking route. Surprising, but often overlooked in the search for the other natural treasures of the national park, Vaioaga Waterfall is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the serenity of the area.

7. Balea Waterfall

Location: Fagaras Mountains, Sibiu County

Balea Waterfall

Balea Waterfall

Located above 1,200 meters, Balea Waterfall is the highest (60 meters) multi-step waterfall in Romania. One of the best-known attractions from Fagaras Mountains, the tallest group of the Carpathians, Balea Waterfall can be reached in about one hour on foot from Balea Chalet, the main stopping point of Romania’s best-known high-altitude road, Transfagarasan.

8. Lolaia Waterfall

Location: Retezat National Park, Hunedoara County

Watefalls in Romania

Lolaia Waterfall

Photo credits Sergiu Luchian

Retezat National Park has so much to offer to nature enthusiasts that this waterfall looks like a normal addition to a list that includes glacial lakes, high peaks, and extremely rich biodiversity. Lolaia is located above 1,000 meters, on the route that leads from Ohaba to Pietrele, in the northern part of the national park. It’s easily reached compared to the other landmarks of the area so don’t miss your chance.

9. Valul Miresei Waterfall

Location: Apuseni Mountains, Cluj County

Watefalls in Romania

Valul Miresei Waterfall

Photo source:

Over 30 meters tall and divided into two major steps, Valul Miresei, also known as Rachitele Waterfall, is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Romania. It’s also the best known from Apuseni Mountains and a true paradise in winter for ice climbing.

We hope our guide of the top 10 waterfalls in Romania you should see will help you plan your next vacation in our country. Any of these places is a sure choice for spending quality time away from the noisy and urban side of the civilized world.

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