Racos: The Witness of Millennial Volcanic Eruptions

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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The small village of Racos, half-way between Brasov and Sighisoara, is well-known in Romania for its geological importance. The crater of a volcano that last erupted thousands of years ago and the nearby basalt columns attract many travelers curious to discover a landscape that seems to come from another world.


Basalt columns

What remains from a volcano

To see what remains from the former crater you need to pass first through the village of Racos. Its history goes back to the end of the 14th century, and the oldest testimony of its past are the ruins of the medieval castle Sukosd-Bethlen. Although partially restored, the castle can be visited with the help of a local who lives right across from the monument.


Volcano crater

The basalt columns, 10-15 meters tall and more than 1 million years old, and the millennial crater are still the main attractions of the village. Both landscapes are the result of the volcanic activity that took place in the Eastern Carpathians, the last eruptions happening 10,000 years ago.

You can easily find the columns and crater on foot, taking a walk of 30-40 minutes from the village. You can also drive, there’s enough parking space close to the ticket office. The geological surprises don’t stop here. A turquoise lake formed in a former basalt quarry is just a few minutes away.


The Emerald Lake

A unique nature-based attraction from Transylvania, the volcanic landscape from Racos offers an almost unreal image, all the more special in a land where the fortified churches are usually the main attractions.

Travel tips

Rupea Fortress is only a few kilometers away.

Take a short drive and visit the fortified churches from Homorod, Cata, and Drauseni.

If you’d like to visit this attraction and more from Transylvania, contact us via www.uncover-romania-tours.com

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