Lapusului Gorges: Amazing Nature in Maramures

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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In Maramures, you’ll find a natural attraction you shouldn’t miss when planning for a longer stay in the area. Exploring Lapusului Gorges will give you a great chance of experiencing one of the most picturesque parts of Maramures whether you choose to hike, fish, mountain bike, or climb.


Photo source: CJ Maramures

Extending on 36 km between the villages of Razoare, Lapusului Country, and Rosia-Remecioara, Chioarului Country, the area of the gorges offers a spectacular landscape of waterfalls, caves, canyon areas, rocky cliffs, and steep slopes.

Shaped by the course of the Lapus River in limestone walls across centuries, the particularity of Lapusului Gorges is given by their morphology and itinerary that crosses rocky areas and forests that reach the waterline, creating both rapids and calm deep waters, and even a small canyon.

Lapusului Gorges

Photo source: CJ Maramures

The most spectacular and wildest part covers 25 kilometers between the villages Groape (315 meters altitude) and La Impreunaturi (216 meters). For the protection and conservation of its species and natural habitats, the gorges were declared a Natura 2000 area with a surface of 1,487 hectares.

This is not the only protected area in Maramures, a region best-known for its many centuries-old wooden churches. You can hike or cycle in Maramures Mountains Natural Park, and explore the second largest national park in the country, Rodnei Mountains. For the perfect Maramures experience, combine a visit to one of these protected areas with a tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Maramures.

Travel tips

Visit the Village Museum and the Memorial of Victims of Communism from Sighetu Marmatiei. Don’t forget about the world-unique Merry Cemetery from Sapanta.

For your accommodation, choose local guest houses from traditional villages like Desesti.

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