Off the Beaten Track in Bicaz Gorges

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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Bicaz Gorges are without a doubt one of the most breathtaking natural attractions in Romania, especially if you decide to leave your car behind and explore its many trails on foot. Crossed by the road that links the historical regions of Moldavia and Transylvania, these gorges are one of the most popular summer destinations in Romania.

Bicazului Gorges

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Located in the central part of the Eastern Carpathians, in the splendid Hasmasul Mare Massif, the gorges wind for six kilometers along the course of the Bicaz River. Their tall rocky walls reach 350-400 meters, narrowing up to seven meters in its most spectacular part, the Hell’s Gate.

Off the beaten track

If you’re willing to go off the beaten track, far from the many cars and souvenir shops from the main road, you’ll be rewarded with wilderness views and hidden trails with caves, waterfalls, alpine plains and small traditional villages. One of these special places, secluded behind the tall walls that guard the road, is the 20 km long Bicajel Valley. It’s a picturesque space with wooden houses and haystacks, with dense forests and small waterfalls, with spectacular crossing points that require climbing equipment and even diving skills as the river reaches even depths of three meters.


Photo by Visit Neamt

The Bicaz Gorges also offer some of the most challenging climbing routes for experienced mountain climbers. This area has the highest number of maximum difficulty climbing routes in Romania. Some of the most interesting are Maria’s Wall, the Altar’s Stone, the Black Tower, Politele Bardosului Wall or the nordic wall from Surduc’s Stone.

There are 18 marked trails that cross the entire area of the Bicaz Gorges, and you can choose from short and easy hikes to longer two days trails.

Protected area

The area of Bicaz Gorges is a protected area, part of Cheile Bicazului-Hasmas Mountain National Park. It has a very rich flora and fauna, with dense spruce forests and rare plants like the Edelweiss, the Yellow Lady’s Slipper, the Yew and iconic wildlife species like the red deer, the bear, the lynx and the wolf.

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In this park, you’ll also see the most popular natural dam lake in Romania, Red Lake, the Ghilgos Massif (1,378 meters), the Altar’s Stone (1,154 meters) and the peak Hasmasu Mare (1,792 meters). But keep in mind that you have to go off the beaten and crowded track to enjoy the best experience nature has to offer in the picturesque Bicaz Gorges.

If you’d like to explore these beautiful gorges or other attractions in the area, contact us via

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