The Village Museum of Maramures: A World of Wooden Architecture

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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The Village Museum of Maramures is included in our Walking Tour in Maramures. More tours on

The open-air Village Museum of Maramures is a wonderful guide into the rich cultural heritage of this region, famous for its wooden architecture and churches. The Village Museum is also one of the most interesting museums in Romania, unique for its complex display of the traditional Maramures village and an important cultural attraction of the region.

Maramures Village Museum

Maramures Village Museum

The museum was inaugurated in 1981, on the International Day of Museums, after many years of work, identifying and relocating the most representative traditional houses from the region. The museum gathers over 30 traditional houses from the different corners of Maramures and many essential rural dependencies like stables, looms, fountains, granaries and mills.

Wooden architecture

Most of the houses are made of wood, the traditional construction material in Maramures. The oldest houses go back to the 16th-18th centuries like the houses of Bud, Tivadar, Cupcea, Barcan and Iura. The minorities of Maramures are also represented by the Jewish House from Barsana, the Hungarian House from Campulung la Tisa and the Ukrainian House from Poienile de sub Munte.

Maramures Village Museum

Rabi house at Maramures Village Museum

Like in a real traditional village of Maramures, all the paths lead the visitor to the spiritual center of the community, the wooden church, also the oldest construction of the museum. Built in 1621 and relocated from the village of Oncesti, the church still preserves its interior paintings from more than 200 years ago.

Maramures Village Museum

Wooden carving details

Recreating the traditional village of one of Romania’s most authentic cultural spaces, the Village Museum of Maramures is today a precious testimony of the rural world, a world that is rapidly shifting away from its traditional being.

Maramures Village Museum

Wooden house and wooden gate

Where to stay

Mara Guest House is the perfect option if you’re planning to stay in Desesti, one of the most beautiful villages in Maramures. On the shore of Mara River, with a large garden, and the best home-cooked food from organic local ingredients, this guest house is our favorite in the region.

Travel tips

You can find the visiting schedule on

In Sighetu Marmatiei, you can also visit the Memorial of the Victims of Communism, a former extermination prison transformed into a museum, and the Elie Wiesel Memorial House.

Make a day trip and visit also the church from Peri and the Merry Cemetery from Sapanta.

The Village Museum of  Maramures is included in our Walking Tour in Maramures. More tours on


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