The Fortified Church from Cisnadioara: Over 800 Years of History

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The fortified church from Cisnadioara is included in many of our tours in Transylvania. More tours on

The fortified church from Cisnadioara is one of the oldest monuments around Sibiu, one of the seven citadels founded by the Saxons of Transylvania centuries ago. It’s a rare example of Romanesque architecture in the region, especially its splendid western portal, which survived more than 800 years without major changes.

Even if only for this reason, visiting the fortified church from Cisnadioara should be high on your list of attractions to see around Sibiu.

fortified church from Cisnadioara

View from the inner court

Over 800 years of history

Dedicated to Saint Michael, this three-nave basilica was built in the late 12th century on the highest hill of the village. It was mentioned for the first time in 1223, in a document of donation to the Abbey of Carta of the powerful Cistercian order. The church of Cisnadioara remained in the possession of the Cistercian monks until the late 15th century, passing afterward to the property of the Evangelical Church from Sibiu.

For hundreds of years, it served, like all the other fortified churches of Transylvania, as a vital space for the protection of villagers in case of Ottoman attacks that took place frequently until the 18th century.

fortified church from Cisnadioara

The ruins of the fortification walls

Its enclosing walls, now in ruins, were up to seven meters tall and had access doors, a wall-walk, and spaces through which large rocks were thrown down the hill in case of a siege. It was the duty of every man of the village to roll a big rock uphill before getting married, an original way to supply constantly the fortified church from Cisnadioara for future attacks. You can still see some of the rocks in the court of the church.

Cisnadioara Fortified Church

The Western Portal

While it stopped protecting a long time ago the locals, the Romanesque-style basilica, and the ruins of its fortification represent today the main attraction of the village. Better preserved than many of the medieval monuments from Transylvania, a visit to the fortified church from Cisnadioara completes a tour of medieval Sibiu and its surroundings.

Travel tips

Visit also the Evangelical Church and the Ethnographic Museum from the village.

Save at least half a day for a visit at the open-air Astra Village Museum close to Sibiu.

The fortified church from Cisnadioara is included in many of our tours in Transylvania. More tours on

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