Sinaia Monastery: Royalty, Faith, and Three Centuries of History

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Diana Condrea
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The centuries-old Sinaia Monastery borders the winding road to the beautiful Peles Castle. With a history that goes back 300 years, marked by a special relationship with the royal family, and with two churches built 150 years apart, this venerable monastery is a must-see landmark of Sinaia.


The Old Church

The Old Church of  Sinaia Monastery

The monastery and the Old Church were built in 1695 by Prince Mihai Cantacuzino after his trip to the holy grounds of Nazareth and Jerusalem. Profoundly impressed by the image of Saint Catherine Monastery, he decided to dedicate a place of worship to Virgin Mary back home. Located in the dense forests of the Carpathians, the small monastery was named Sinaia, in the memory of Mount Sinai where Moses allegedly received the Ten Commandments.

The Old Church was built in the authentic ‘Brancovenesc’ style, a local Romanian architectural style from the 17th century and the early 18th century. The rich-carved stone columns, the porch, and the attention paid to the smallest details are among the remarkable elements of this style, perfectly represented here.

Fresco details, the Old Church

The original Byzantine paintings from the end of the 17th century, famous for their compassionate and humble figures, are still preserved in the narthex and in the space of the porch. The coat of arms of the Cantacuzino family, the two-headed eagle holding the scepter and the cross, the sculptures of Moses and his brother Aaron decorate the splendid rock portal from the entrance, a central element of the ‘Brancovenesc’ style.

The New Church was built in 1846

The New Church dates back to 1846 but was renovated and enlarged in the following decades at the initiative of King Carol the 1st who used the monastery as a summer residence until the inauguration of Peles Castle.

Given the constant presence of its royal guests, the Great Church was adorned with the large-scale painted portraits of Queen Elisabeta and King Carol the 1st and two royal seats close to the altar. The wing used as a summer royal residence hosts today the first religious museum in Romania.

The large proportions of the New Church and the combination of the ‘Brancovenesc’ style — the small porch with carved stone columns and ornated portal — and the Moldavian church style — high and solid walls similar to a fortress — create a unique church in Southern Romania, a symbol of the cultural unity of the Romanian provinces.

Sinaia-Monastery 1

The New Church

Sinaia Monastery is the perfect stop before or after your visit to Peles Castle. The oldest monument in Sinaia and one of the most important religious monuments in Southern Romania, the monastery and its two churches are among the most authentic attractions in this small mountain resort King Carol the 1st loved so much.

Where to stay in Sinaia

Sinaia offers many accommodation options every season. For a memorable experience, we recommend you book your stay at guest houses like the beautiful Regal 1880 Vila Arizto, Pension Casa Tom, and My Alfinio Villa. If you want to stay just a few meters away from Peles Castle, book a room at Hotel Bastion.

Travel tips

Visit Peles and Pelisor Castles, but also the Train Museum where you can see small replicas of many trains in miniature cities.

Visit Cantacuzino Castle from the nearby resort of Busteni.

Sinaia Monastery is included in our one day tours. More tours on


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