Bucovina: Nature and World Unique Painted Monasteries

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Location: North-East, the area of Suceava County

Bucovina is one of the most spiritual parts of Romania. Its culture, traditions, and history work well together in creating an attractive space where past and present spirituality coexist even in the 21st century.

Located mostly in the area of Suceava County, the name of the region comes from German and means the ‘land of beech’, a direct reference to the vast forests that once covered this part of Romania.

things to do in Bucovina

Traditional sheepfold, Bucovina

Enjoying a scenic landscape, at the foothills of the Carpathians, Bucovina offers all types of attractions and activities, from hiking adventures to cultural tours, gastronomic festivals, and ethnographic events.

Short history

Until 1775, Bucovina was part of the historical province of Moldavia, today’s Eastern Romania. After this date, it became part of the Habsburg Empire until 1918 when it reunited with Romania during the First World War.

It’s during the Habsburg rule that the name of Bucovina started being used, creating a distinct identity for the northern part of Moldavia. Bucovina was a multicultural space with Germans and Ukrainians living alongside Romanians at the beginning of the 20th century.

The culture of spirituality

Spirituality as a means of religious expression reaches a distinct level here. The religious heritage that is so present in Moldavia is equally visible here but with an added twist of Byzantine interpretation and creativity. Moreover, Bucovina is an important ethnographic area of Romania, with particular traditions such as Easter Eggs painting that became an art in the region.

Sucevita Monastery

External paintings, Sucevita Monastery

Tourism in Bucovina

The landscape and the cultural heritage of the region offer a diversity of experiences and activities. From walking through secular forests and hiking in Calimani National Park, to skying or visits to the painted churches and relaxing in its quiet villages, Bucovina is a great holiday destination for all seasons.

Cultural and historical attractions:  UNESCO Heritage Sites, the fortress of Suceava, old churches, the Trout Festival from Ciocanesti, traditional villages

Nature attractions: Calimani National Park, Rodnei Mountains National ParkRarau Mountains, Giumalau Mountains, Slatioara secular forest, Liliecilor Cave (Rarau)

Sports: hiking, skiing, cycling

If you’d like to explore this region, check our Active Tour in Cultural Bucovina