Top Five Most Charming Tea Houses in Bucharest

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If you’d like to enjoy a cup of tea while discovering the many attractions Bucharest has to offer — from major landmarks to museums and walking on its old and beautiful streets — we prepared a short guide to five of the most original tea houses in Bucharest.

tea houses in Bucharest

Photo source: Bohemia Tea House

Part of the city’s urban culture, these tea houses are excellent places for warming up in winters and cooling down in hot summer days. Plus, they each have their own story to tell, spiced up with great teas and cakes, concerts, art exhibitions and even theatre plays.


Address: 40 Polona Street

tea houses in bucharest

Photos source: Acuarela

‘Acuarela’ is the Romanian word for watercolor, and is the perfect representation of this old house that was carefully transformed into a piece of urban heaven for every art lover. The place is a labyrinth of colors and creativity. Even the bathroom has a unique design, not to mention the attic, the terrace and the downstairs gallery. Plus, you can enjoy the weekly jazz shows or the occasional theatre plays and art exhibitions.

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Bohemia Tea House

Address: 1 Poiana Narciselor Street

tea houses in bucharest

Photo source: Bohemia Tea House

Very close to Cismigiu Park, the oldest park in the city, you’ll find one of the finest tea houses in Bucharest. Located in a beautiful mansion, Bohemia Tea House creates the perfect atmosphere, loved so much by its clients that it won a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor. Its romantic interiors are an open invitation, not to mention their home-made cakes, dozens of tea flavors or board games to make you feel like a kid again.

Almost a hidden gem only a few minutes away from the busy city center, this might just be the Narnia of tea houses in Bucharest if you’re into a fantasy metaphor.

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ARTea Room

Address: 1 Amiral Vasile Urseanu Street

tea houses in bucharest

Photo source: ARtea Room

The thing we like the most about this tea house in Bucharest is that it looks like a living room, making its guests feel very comfy and intimate. The soft sofas, the little wooden tables, the curtains, the paintings and the large doors will make you forget that you’re a customer in a bistro. Plus, the strong and flavored teas are meant to inspire the most pleasant conversations. Even better, ARtea Room also organizes cultural events like concerts, improvisation shows, and theater plays.

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Ceainaria 5

Address: 13 Olimpului Street

tea houses in bucharest

Photo source: Ceainaria 5

Lovely! It doesn’t matter how hard we try to find another word to describe Ceainaria 5, lovely is the perfect adjective. Although it’s very close to the center of Bucharest, somehow you can’t hear the noise of the city. From the first moment you open the gate, you’ll find yourself surrounded by flowers, trees and a home-like cozy atmosphere with hammocks and pillows everywhere. The drinks are delicious and the best part is you can also check in overnight in their hostel.

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Ramayana Café

Address: 11 Bardovin Parcalabu Street

tea houses in bucharest

Photo source: Ramayana Café

If you ever were fascinated by the stories of Scheherazade or Aladdin, then you shouldn’t miss this tea house in Bucharest. Ramayana will challenge your sense of taste and smell with over 70 types of tea from all over the world, carefully and perfectly prepared, served in exquisite porcelain teapots. Plus, Ramayana Café is open 24 hours a day if you’re in the mood for a cake or a tea really early morning.

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We hope you’ll have lots of fun discovering the beautiful places where locals enjoy drinking a cup of tea with their friends. It doesn’t get more local than this.

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