Traditional Romanian Easter Food Recipes You Should Try

Diana Condrea
Diana Condrea
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This is our must-try guide to the traditional Romanian Easter food, a highlight of the country’s rich-flavored cuisine. As Romanian people take religious holidays very seriously when it comes to cooking and eating traditional dishes, Easter is by no means an exception. This is a favorite holiday for most Romanians who spend more time with friends and family, go out for a picnic, or even to church.

Painted Eggs

There’s no Easter without painted eggs. While the Orthodox religion considers the red eggs as a symbol of the suffering Jesus Christ endured, most Romanians paint them because it’s fun and traditional. Plus, you get to enter an egg-knocking competition each of the three Easter days.

Although they were initially painted only in red to symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ, today you’ll see them in plenty of vivid colors. In some parts of Romania, especially in Bucovina, painting Easter eggs became an art.

Romanian Easter Eggs

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Easter Cheese Cake

This traditional cheesecake, known locally as pasca, is the sweetest part of Easter. Although the recipe varies from region to region, it’s usually made with lots of fresh and sweet cow cheese. In case you’re planning to cook it, our suggestion is to buy fresh cheese from the local farmers’ market instead of the light supermarket version. Either way, you’ll have plenty of fun making it.

You can also try alternative recipes with cream or chocolate, but the cheese filling is the traditional one.

Check the Easter Cake recipe

Easter cheese cake

Easter cheesecake

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Discover more delicious Romanian desserts.

Easter Lamb

Romanian Easter is one of the few holidays when locals replace pork. Lamb is preferred instead, and you’ll find a diversity of lamb dishes in every house this time of the year. The most common and delicious dishes are the lamb steak cooked slowly and patiently in the oven, lamb borsch, and the favorite drob de miel, a mouth-watering mixture of lamb organs, onion, garlic, and plenty of green herbs like red orach, parsley, and dill.

Romanian food

Lamb steak with polenta

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Drob de miel

A typical Romanian dish, drob de miel is a savory and consistent Easter appetizer. It’s almost a delicacy and is prepared only for Easter. While the recipes vary, the main ingredients are minced meat from lamb organs (liver, heart), plus a generous mix of seasoned herbs. It’s cooked with lots of patience, in the oven. It’s served splendidly with a green salad on the side.

Check the recipe for drob de miel

Drob de miel

Drob de miel

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This traditional sweet bread is omnipresent whether it’s Easter, Christmas, or some other religious holidays. Romanian people simply love it. Nonetheless, it’s also one of the trickiest sweets to prepare and many emotions are involved each time someone is baking cozonac.



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Lighter than traditional Christmas food, Romanian Easter food goes hand in hand with the fresh salads and vegetables so abundant this time of the year in Romania. We hope you’ll have a great culinary experience and a great Easter in Romania.

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