Explore Transylvania: Five One Day Trips from Sibiu You Should Take

Sibiu easily passes as one of the best vacation destinations in Romania. This medieval founded city is all you could want when it comes to culture and history and so are its neighboring cities and villages. Like Brasov, Sibiu is a great choice for taking one day trips across Transylvania, and our insider’s guide will offer the best ideas and tips for a memorable couple of days in the land beyond the forests.

Alba Iulia

Located less than 100 km away from Sibiu, Alba Iulia is maybe the most historical city in Romania if you consider its ancient past, its breathtaking medieval monuments, its imposing Baroque gates and its role in the union of Romania with Transylvania from 1918. Recently and wonderfully restored, the citadel of Alba Iulia is a fascinating destination and perhaps the best one day trip from Sibiu you could take if you’re passionate about history.

Alba Iulia Citadel

To add an extra attraction, visit the fortified church of Calnic on your way back to Sibiu and the splendid Evangelical Church from Sebes.

Alba Iulia is included in most of our tours in Transylvania.

Tour the fortified churches

The capital of the Saxons of Transylvania, the city of Sibiu was since its very beginning the most important political center of this community for which the fortified church became a symbol of faith, religion and military defense. Taking one day trips from Sibiu is the perfect way to discover this priceless heritage as many of these amazing monuments are located in this county.

Biertan fortified church

We recommend the following routes:

Sibiu – Hosman – Altana – Dealu Frumos – Cincu – Carta – Cisnadie – Cisnadioara – Sibiu

Sibiu – Axente Sever – Valea Viilor – Mosna – Alma Vii – Richis – Biertan – Medias – Sibiu

Axente Sever

Many of these fortified churches are included in our tours in Transylvania.

Transfagarasan or Transalpina

Choose one of them or discover both these panoramic mountain roads, the tallest and the longest high-altitude drives in Romania. Sibiu is located half-way between Sebes where Transalpina (148 km long) begins and Cartisoara where Transfagarasan (152 km long) starts. Either way, you’re in for a great drive above 2,000 meters, but try to leave as early as possible and avoid weekends when the roads get crowded.



If you’re looking to add more Saxon related medieval history, then Sighisoara is the one day trip from Sibiu you should take. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Upper City from Sighisoara is one of the best-conserved and still inhabited medieval towns in Europe. Its centuries old fortification walls, towers, bastions, impressive churches and labyrinth of narrow streets offer a unique perspective of how life looked like ages ago. For the panoramic view of the old town, don’t miss the balcony of the Clock Tower.

Evangelical Church Sighisoara

We recommend you take the county road DJ106 through Agnita. It’s a scenic choice with many fortified churches and old villages spread along the way.

Sighisoara is included in most of our tours in Transylvania.

Hiking day trips

If you’d like to exchange history for nature, then you’re still in the right place. Cindrel Mountains and Fagaras Mountains are a short drive away. But be sure to prepare your hiking boots because you need the right equipment to ascend to higher altitudes. Paltinis is the closest access point for Cindrel Mountains and Avrig and Porumbacu de Sus for Fagaras Mountains. If you’re planning longer hikes, organize your trip in detail as there are limited accommodation options in the mountains.

Fagaras Mountains

We hope our guide of the top five one day trips from Sibiu will help you experience an unforgettable vacation. In the end, Sibiu is one of the must-see destinations in Romania, and spending a couple of days here is the perfect choice if you want to uncover more of Transylvania.

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