Five Day Trips from Bucharest You Should Make

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While Bucharest is a very attractive urban destination, if you have enough time you should definitely take one or more day trips outside the capital. We’ve hand-picked for you some of the finest ideas of day trips from Bucharest whether you’re looking for nature walks, cultural discoveries, visits to medieval attractions and even some more carefree and relaxed activities.

A medieval day

Plenty of people mistake Vlad the Impaler for Dracula and Bran Castle for Dracula’s Castle. While there’s no shame in chasing this movie created myth, our suggestion is you take advantage of your time in Bucharest to get to know more about the real Vlad the Impaler.

argoviste Fortress and Church

Besides the Old Court and the Monastery of Comana that are directly linked to his time as a medieval prince, there are two more places you shouldn’t miss. The first is the former royal court of Targoviste, enlarged by the prince and strengthened with a tall tower that hosts today a thematic exhibition ‘Vlad the Impaler’. The second one is his mountain fortress from Poenari, supposedly built by punished boyard traitors. Both monuments date from the medieval ages.

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Walk through the Carpathian villages

The scenic landscapes of the Carpathian villages are closer than you think and various day trips from Bucharest can be easily done if you leave early morning. One of our favorite walking routes is from Magura to Pestera and back, two small mountain villages from Piatra Craiului National Park, close to Brasov. One day here will seem years apart from the vibrant feel of Bucharest.

Plus, the route is easily accessible even for children and it doesn’t require any special equipment, except for some comfortable sports shoes. Including the walking route and the drive from and back to Bucharest, you should reserve a full day. If you don’t have a car, you can take the train or the bus to Brasov and then another train or bus to Zarnesti, the closest village to Magura.

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Castles and palaces

Bucharest is a great departing point if you’d like to visit some of the most beautiful castles in Romania. Top of the list are Peles, Pelisor and Cantacuzino Castles from the mountain resorts on Prahova Valley. Only a two hours drive from the capital and a smooth train ride away, these three castles are wonderful historical and cultural monuments to discover on a one day trip from Bucharest.

Peles Castle

Bran Castle is also an option, although this means you have to start your day very early if you want to be back in Bucharest before night fall. Much more closer to Bucharest, you can visit Mogosoaia Palace, a monument over 300 years old.

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Relaxing day in Comana Nature Park

Comana is a village and a natural park less than one hour drive from Bucharest. You can take a bike tour, walk in the forest, observe birds and you can even go for a boat ride.

comana nature park

Stop by and visit the church of the Monastery of Comana before you get to the park. Its interior paintings with Adam and Eve scenes are rather unusual for an Orthodox church. You can easily reach Comana Nature Park by car or by bus.

One day in Brasov

Last, but definitely not least, you can take a one day trip to Brasov, one of the most beautiful cities in Transylvania. One of the seven citadels founded by the Saxon colonists starting with the 12th century, Brasov still conserves state of art centuries old monuments like the largest hall church East of Viena, the Black Church, and iconic landmarks like the Council Square and the towers and bastions from the old fortification lines.


You can easily travel by yourself from Bucharest, by car or by train. For a carefree experience with a professional guide, you can always opt for a private tour.

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These are just five ideas of day trips from Bucharest you can make on your own or part of a guided tour. We hope you’ll have a great time uncovering all the attractions above and much more.

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