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Planning to travel to Romania? Check our suggestions and let us know if you need more information. We are always happy to help.

Top Five Attractions and Things to Do in Bucovina

things to do in bucovina

Check our list of top 5 attractions and things to do in Bucovina if you’re visiting the region for the first time. We’ve covered everything from hiking to local food. Read more ›

Top 10 Places to Visit in Romania in 2017

places to visit in romania

Our 2017 top places to visit in Romania is focused more than ever on fascinating attractions, from hidden villages to must-see historical monuments. Read more ›

Top Five Most Charming Tea Houses in Bucharest

tea houses in Bucharest

Part of the city’s urban culture, these tea houses in Bucharest are excellent places for warming up in winters and cooling down in hot summer days.  Read more ›

Best Things to Do in Alba Iulia and Around

Our top 10 things to do in Alba Iulia and around will guide you in exploring this beautiful land, including the most iconic attractions and the best activities. Read more ›

10 Festivals in Romania to Attend in the Autumn of 2016


Check our list of 10 festivals in Romania you can attend in in the coming months, and choose from film, jazz, opera, Comic Con or gastronomic events. Read more ›


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Top 10 Best Things To Do in Cluj-Napoca

Things to do in Cluj Napoca

Follow our insider guide of the best things to do in Cluj-Napoca to make the best out of your time in this trendy city that dates back to the 2nd century.  Read more ›

Cycling in Transylvania: Five Itineraries from the Saxon Land

Cycling in Transylvania

Cycling in Transylvania is one of the best ways to uncover this great part of Romania whether you’ll cycle for a couple of days or only for a few hours. Read more ›

Transfagarasan: The Best Road in the World


Discover Transfagarasan, the best road in the world according to Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson, and one of Romania’s top attractions. Read more ›

10 Fortified Churches from Transylvania You Should See

Fortified churches in Transylvania

The fortified churches from Transylvania are some of most authentic and inspiring travel attractions in Romania. Explore our top 10 of the finest of them. Read more ›

Five Ideas for Your Holidays in Transylvania


If you’re visiting Transylvania for the first time, we give you five hand-picked ideas for your dream holidays in Transylvania from hiking tours to urban discoveries. Read more ›