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Romania is a complex and complete travel destination that offers numerous possibilities for all travel tastes. Just imagine you can hike in some of the wildest mountains of the continent, watch birds in the youngest land of Europe, enjoy traditional cooking and craftsmanship in secluded villages, explore hundreds of cultural monuments or tour the trendiest hot spots of the big cities. From the Balkan south to the religious east or the multicultural space of Transylvania, Romania will surprise and enchant you.

Maramures: Wooden Architecture and Haystacks


Maramures is one of the richest cultural regions in Romania, with many UNESCO Heritage Sites and unique wooden architecture.

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Southern Romania: Balkan Culture and Politics


Located between the Southern Carpathians and the Danube, this historical region was strongly influenced by the culture of the nearby Balkan Peninsula.

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Transylvania: Mountains and Medieval Towns


Surrounded and enclosed by the Carpathian Mountains, mythical Transylvania is the best known tourism destination of Romania.

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Bucovina: Nature and Painted Monasteries


Bucovina is maybe the most spiritual part of Romania. Its culture, traditions and history make it a top tourist attraction.

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Moldavia: Religion and Traditional Villages


Located between the Eastern Carpathians and the Prut river, Moldova is less explored and known by tourists. Nonetheless, it offers many authentic experiences.

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Dobrogea: Seaside and Rich Biodiversity


Dobrogea is a special place where Europe's youngest land, the Danube Delta, coexists with some of the oldest mountains of the continent.

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