Places to visit in Romania

There are countless amazing places to visit in Romania. It all depends on what interests you the most. Some people visit Romania to enjoy the authentic life of the traditional countryside. For others, it’s the adventure of the untouched Carpathian Mountains and their wildlife, peaks, caves, gorges and lakes. For many travelers, the best places to visit in Romania are the medieval attractions from Transylvania or the UNESCO Heritage Sites. Most people come back because Romania is an unconventional place that 'nourishes the heart and the soul' (Charlie Ottley, Wild Carpathia, Travel Channel). For whatever reasons you decide to come, we hope you’ll have a great time visiting Romania.

Travel Ideas

Ciucas Mountains

Suggestions, tips and vacation ideas for memorable travel experiences in Romania, one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

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Travel Destinations

Best things to do in Romania

Romania is a complete travel destination that offers numerous possibilities for all travel tastes. Get to know its historical regions to better plan your trip.

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Tours in Romania

Romania tours

Tailor-made and private tours in Romania, from cultural experiences and history-based itineraries to wildlife observation and hiking in the Carpathians.

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Attractions in Romania

Corvin Castle

Explore the natural and cultural attractions of one of Europe's most beautiful, authentic and surprising countries, Romania.

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Travel Stories

Piatra Craiului National Park

Uncover authentic travel stories from our and your journeys through Romania.

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Travel Tips Romania

Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetuza

Read these travel tips for a great journey to Romania, one of Europe's most beautiful and authentic countries.

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