Take your time to uncover wonderful villages from Romania where traditions are still preserved and nature is idyllic, from the Danube shores up to the Carpathians heights.

Alma Vii: Awakening a World of Saxon Traditions

Considered by many the best kept secret of Transylvania, the small community of Alma Vii is a rare presence even in a region that’s world famous for its traditional rural landscape. Read more ›

Five Saxon Villages from Transylvania You Should Visit


Discover five of the most beautiful Saxon villages from Transylvania and add them to your list for the next vacation in Romania’s most popular destination. Read more ›


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Rimetea: White Beauty and Love for Heritage


Best-known for its traditional white houses with green windows, Rimetea is one of the best conserved and most beautiful cultural attractions in Romania. Read more ›

Copsa Mare: The Wonderful Surprise from the End of the Road

Copsa Mare

Visit Copsa Mare, a traditional Saxon village from Transylvania where you’ll discover wonderful landscapes, colorful houses and delicious slow food. Read more ›