Bigar Waterfall: The Magic of a World Famous Attraction

Bigar Waterfall is included in our Adventure Tour along the Danube Gorges. More active tours on

The small Bigar Waterfall was rapidly shifted from its off the beaten track isolation in 2013 when The World Geography placed it in the first position of its 8 Unique Waterfalls Around the World guide. From that moment on, this moss-covered falls became the most famous attraction from Caras-Severin, one of the most beautiful counties in Romania.

Bigar Waterfall

A world unique waterfall

Part of Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park, a protected area with iconic waterfalls and unique lakes, Bigar Waterfall is located in Aninei Mountains, exactly on the 45th north Parallel. If it wasn’t for this indicator and the long car queue on the road, you might just miss it. What makes this waterfall rare and spectacular is the way the water spring spreads over the moss of the cliff, plunging in many tiny shreds in the Minis River. Surfing to surface some 200 meters before the waterfall, the spring flows rapidly and noisy to its final destination.

Like many other natural attractions in Romania, Bigar Waterfall has its own legend, this time of a girl in love, locked by her parents in the small cave close to the falls. Desperately wanting to be with a boy named Bigar, the girl could only do that after she was transformed into a waterfall and the boy drowned in its waters.

Bigar Waterfall

If you drive all the way to Bozovici to see the waterfall, take enough time to explore more of the wonderlands this area shares only with its most curious travelers. This part of the country is the perfect place if you enjoy less crowded attractions, small guest houses and less traveled routes.

Travel tips

The watermills park from Eftimie Murgu, the largest in South-East Europe, is only 15 km away.

Go further to Oravita and you’ll see a city that will surprise you with its architecture and almost complete remoteness.

Last but not least, take at least three days to hike in Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park.

This waterfall is included in our Adventure Tour along the Danube Gorges. More active tours on

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