Travel to high peaks, wild valleys and deep forests and explore amazing natural attractions in Romania. Observe rare and iconic wildlife, from large carnivores to hundreds of bird species.

Top 10 Waterfalls in Romania You Should See

From world famous attractions like Bigar Waterfall to smaller, but breathtaking cascades, Romania has many captivating and unique waterfalls.  Read more ›

Creasta Cocosului: Seeing Maramures from Above

Creasta Cocosului

Creasta Cocosului may just be the most iconic natural landmark of Maramures, a region otherwise known for its wooden churches and wooden gates. Read more ›

Piatra Craiului National Park: Hiking Above the Clouds

Piatra Craiului National Park

Piatra Craiului National Park is one of the most popular hiking destinations in Romania, its narrow limestone ridge being one of the most spectacular in Europe. Read more ›

Bigar Waterfall: The Magic of a World Famous Attraction

Bigar Waterfall

Discover the Bigar Waterfall, one of the most unique waterfalls in the world and a top natural attraction in beautiful Romania. Read more ›

Rarau Mountains: Panoramic Views and Easy Hikes

Rarau Mountains

One of the best-known images of Bucovina, Rarau Mountains create an unmistakable landscape of weird shaped rock formations and panoramic views Read more ›

Cozia National Park: A Hiker’s Dream Destination

Cozia National Park

Cozia National Park is a hiker’s dream destination, and one of the most breathtaking protected areas in Romania and the Carpathians. Read more ›


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The Blue Wonders of Cheile Nerei-Beusnita National Park

Cheile Nerei Beusnita

Cheile Nerei-Beusnita is one of the most breathtaking national parks in Romania, conserving iconic blue lakes and wild gorges. Read more ›

Top 10 Lakes in Romania You Should See

Uncover some of the most beautiful lakes in Romania, from the glacial lakes of Retezat Mountains to the blue lakes from Cheile Nerei National Park. Read more ›

Iron Gates Nature Park: Biodiversity and Multiculturalism

Iron Gates

Iron Gates Nature Park is the place where the Danube forms its longest and most spectacular gorges in Europe, a space of great cultural and biodiversity. Read more ›

Explore the Old Paths of Bihor Mountain


With 100 years old hiking trails, Bihor Mountain is a tempting option if you’re looking for panoramic, yet easy mountain routes for all ages. Read more ›

Top Seven Caves from Apuseni Mountains You Should Visit

Caves in Apuseni Mountains

Check our top seven caves from Apuseni Mountain you should visit, a breathtaking Carpathian region with 1,500 caves. Read more ›

Racos: The Witness of Millennial Volcanic Eruptions


Discover the remains of the millennial volcanic eruptions from Racos, a small idyllic village from Transylvania, in the heart of Romania. Read more ›

Retezat National Park: Romania’s Most Precious Wilderness


Discover Retezat National Park, one of the last wilderness areas of Europe, Romania’s oldest national park and a must-do for passionate hikers. Read more ›