Discover charming Romanian traditions and learn how major holidays are celebrated. Get to know rare Romanian traditions that go back to pre-Christian times.

Romania’s Painted Easter Eggs: A Story of Art and Tradition


Painting Easter eggs is an art of its own in Romania, with a tradition that goes back hundreds of years and dazzling combinations of symbols and colors.  Read more ›

Romanian Christmas Traditions: From Carols to Delicious Dishes

Rpmanian Christmas Traditions

Christmas holidays are a great time to experience vivid traditions in Romania, featuring pre-Christian elements, well preserved until present times. Read more ›


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Babele: A Romanian Tradition Predicts Your Future

The Romanian tradition ‘Babele let’s you predict your future year based on the weather between March 1 and 9 of each year. Read more ›

Traditions in Romania: Dragobete and the Celebration of Love

Best things to do in Sibiu

Before Valentine’s Day, Romania celebrated its own day of love, Dragobetele, a symbol of youth, love, hope and nature rebirth. Read more ›

New Year Traditions in Romania: Fictional Characters and Animal Dances


The New Year traditions in Romania are colorful and cheerful, a mix of pre-Christian rituals, folklore, costumes and thematic dances. Read more ›