Traveling around Romania, you will discover hundreds of monasteries and churches from various centuries with different architectural styles. Check the most important ones.

The Choral Temple: The Must-See Jewish Heritage of Bucharest

Choral Temple Bucharest

The most impressive synagogue in Romania – the Choral Temple – is the surviving testimony of what was once the strong Jewish community of Bucharest.  Read more ›

The Merry Cemetery: Even Death Can Become Funny

Merry Cemetery Sapanta

Discover the Merry Cemetery from Maramures, a world unique attraction where death looses its tragic touch only to become a colorful expression of life. Read more ›

Sinaia Monastery: Royalty, Faith and Three Centuries of History

Sinaia Monastery

Visit Sinaia Monastery, a must-see attraction located only minutes away from Peles Castle, the most beautiful castle in Romania. Read more ›


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The Catholic Church from Orsova: The Place where Jesus meets Lenin

Catholic Church Orsova

An architectural masterpiece of the 20th century, the Roman Catholic Cathedral from Orsova is a unique monument in both Romania and Europe. Read more ›

Curtea de Arges Monastery: Legends and Unique Architecture

Curtea de Arges Monastery

Curtea de Arges Monastery is one of the most beautiful religious edifices in Romania, a place of great history, legends and inspiring architecture. Read more ›

Densus Church: Probably the Oldest Church in Romania

Densus Church

Densus Church is considered by many the oldest church in Romania and is the only one where the religious service is still held regularly after 700 years. Read more ›

The Black Church Brasov: Over 600 Years of History

Black Church

Discover the Black Church, one of the largest medieval churches in Europe and one of the top attractions from Brasov and Transylvania. Read more ›