Jurilovca: Multicultural Heritage and Ancient History

If you’d like to discover Jurilovca and other attractions from the region, contact us via www.uncover-romania-tours.com

Jurilovca is one of those charming fishermen villages you’d go back each year to feel the breeze, watch the boats coming and leaving, or to simply enjoy the immense and spectacular view of Razim Lake from the rocky Dolosman Cape.


Founded in 1826 by a small Russian community deported here by Peter the Great because of their opposition to the reform that modernized the ritual and calendar of the Russian Orthodox Church, Jurilovca is one of the many wonders of the Danube Delta.

Multicultural and authentic, Jurilovca offers its visitors many ways to enjoy a full day and even more. While for many Jurilovca is a pit stop on their way to the beautiful and remote Gura Portitei, the village has its own natural and historical attractions to get you coming back each time you have the chance.

Argamum Fortress

The fortress of Argamum was built before the ancient Greek city of Histria, located not far away, and is the first settlement of present Romania mentioned in written ancient documents from the 6th century BC.

Originally named Orgame, this fortress was founded by Greek colonists sometime in the mid-7th century BC to protect the gulf from the Dolosman Cape that sheltered commercial boats during sea storms. In the Roman period, the fortress changed its name to Argamum, and many noticeable archaeological discoveries date from this time, the 1st-6th century AD.


The fortress of Argamum extends on two and a half hectares, but the overall surface of the archaeological site is much larger. Important vestiges like trade coins, bronze arrowheads or bronze shaped dolphins were found here and walking around its ruins, you can easily imagine the strategic role played by this fortress in ancient times.


The Dolosman Cape and Razim Lake

Jurilovca offers direct access to Dolosman Cape and Razim Lake, two unique attractions in Romania. The only rocky seafront of the Romanian Black Sea Coast and the largest natural lake of Romania combine to create one of the top panoramic views in the country.

With a three kilometers length and a maxim height of 29 meters, the limestone seafront conserves important steppe species, with a high diversity of plants that accommodate rare birds and even snakes. The view of Razim Lake from the Dolosman Cape is astonishing, and you should reserve at least two hours for the walk because here you’ll also find the ruins of the ancient Argamum Fortress.

No word describes better Jurilovca than authentic, at least for now. If you’re looking for a different kind of experience by the Black Sea, one that doesn’t involve crowds or clubs, then Jurilovca is definitely the place to go.

Travel tips

Take a boat from the small harbor and travel to Gura Portitei, a small island with fine sand beaches and shallow water.

Combine Jurilovca with visits to Enisala Fortress and Histria for a full day trip.

Visit the History Museum of Constanta to find out more about the ancient history of the region.

If you’d like to discover Jurilovca and other attractions from the region, contact us via www.uncover-romania-tours.com

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