Castles, fortresses & ruins

Explore antic ruins, medieval fortresses and dazzling Romanian castles. It's all about their history and the excitement of new discoveries.

Banffy Castle: From Medieval Times to Electric Music

banffy castle

If you’re wondering what history, ruins, tales of castles and electric music all have in common, the answer is simple: Banffy Castle from Bontida. Read more ›

The Fortified Church from Cisnadioara: Over 800 Years of History

Cisnadioara Fortified Church

The fortified church from Cisnadioara is one of the oldest monuments around Sibiu, one of the seven citadels founded by the Saxons centuries ago. Read more ›

Corvin Castle: The Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania

Corvin Castle

A fairy tale castle, a Gothic masterpiece and even a haunted looking place for Hollywood movies, Corvin Castle is the most impressive castle in Transylvania.  Read more ›

Top Five Castles of Transylvania You Should See

Bran Castle

Check our guide of the top five castles of Transylvania to help you better plan your visit. But, don’t forget there are many more waiting to be discovered and saved from ruin. Read more ›


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Mogosoaia Palace: The Legacy of a Great Prince

One of the loveliest attractions around Bucharest, the palace of Mogosoaia is the go to place for spending a few hours in a completely different world.  Read more ›

Bran Castle: The Real Story of a World Famous Attraction

Bran Castle

Discover the true history of Bran Castle, one of the most famous historical attractions in Romania and the top visited castle in the country. Read more ›

Peles Castle: Royal Legacy and Romania’s Finest Castle

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is one the most impressive castles in Europe and a must-see attraction you’ll remember long after your visit. Read more ›

Rasnov Fortress: Medieval Battles and Sieges

Rasnov Fortress

One of the most visited medieval attractions in the country, the fortress of Rasnov impresses through its centuries-old history and grandeur. Read more ›

Cantacuzino Castle: The Legacy of a Great Byzantine Family

Cantacuzino Castle

Monumental and opulent, Cantacuzino Castle is part of the impressive legacy of the Cantacuzino family whose origins go back to the Byzantines.  Read more ›