Explore the most interesting and beautiful cities in Romania, from the capital full of contrasts Bucharest to the multicultural cities of Transylvania

Visit Sibiu: Perhaps the Most Beautiful City in Romania

visit Sibiu

If you’re planning to visit Sibiu, you’re in for one of the best travel experiences in Romania as for many this small city is the most beautiful in the country. Read more ›

Top 10 Old Churches from Bucharest You Should See

Churches in Bucharest

Our top old churches from Bucharest will help you discover the most interesting and beautiful Orthodox monuments in Romania’s capital. Read more ›

The Parliament Palace from Bucharest: Ceausescu’s Final Dream

Palace of the Parliament

Discover the history behind the Parliament Palace from Bucharest, a World Record construction and a major symbol of communism.  Read more ›

Brasov: From the German Kronstadt to the City of Stalin


Brasov is one of the most visited cities in Romania, offerings its visitors a rich mix of history, architecture, culture, urban fun and nature. Read more ›


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Best Things To Do in Bucharest for the First Time Visitor

best things to do in Bucharest

In case you’re planning to visit Bucharest for the first time, here’s is our hand-picked guide to some of the best things to do in Bucharest. Read more ›

The Romanian Atheneum: The Iconic Image of Classical Music

Bucharest Atheneum

Discover the Romanian Atheneum, one of the top attractions in Romania’s capital and the picture-perfect image you don’t want to miss in Bucharest. Read more ›

Alba Iulia Citadel: Millenary History in the Heart of Romania

Alba Iulia Citadel

Alba Iulia Citadel is one of Romania’s top attractions, a place where history goes back 2,000 years to the time of the Roman Empire.  Read more ›

Bucharest: One of the Most Authentic Capitals in Europe


Bucharest City is a unique destination. With its chaotic, noisy and confusing look, Bucharest is one of Europe’s most authentic capitals. Read more ›

Short History of Bucharest: From the Medieval Centuries to Communism

old town bucharest

Discover interesting facts about the tormented the history of Bucharest, from its time as a medieval fortification to the age of communism. Read more ›