Attractions in Southern Romania

Southern Romania was often referred historically as having two sub-regions, Oltenia and Muntenia. While some cultural differences exist between the two, the similarities prevail. Bucharest is the main departing point for all your trips in Southern Romania.

The Choral Temple: The Must-See Jewish Heritage of Bucharest

Choral Temple Bucharest

The most impressive synagogue in Romania – the Choral Temple – is the surviving testimony of what was once the strong Jewish community of Bucharest.  Read more ›

The Great Synagogue from Bucharest: Holocaust Memorial and Survival

great synagogue from bucharest

Discover the Great Synagogue from Bucharest, the oldest synagogue in the capital and one of the few that survived communist demolitions. Read more ›

Top Five Most Charming Tea Houses in Bucharest

tea houses in Bucharest

Part of the city’s urban culture, these tea houses in Bucharest are excellent places for warming up in winters and cooling down in hot summer days.  Read more ›

Transfagarasan: The Best Road in the World


Discover Transfagarasan, the best road in the world according to Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson, and one of Romania’s top attractions. Read more ›

Sinaia Monastery: Where Royalty Meets Faith

Sinaia Monastery

Visit Sinaia Monastery, a must-see attraction close to the finest castle in Romania, Peles, the former royal residence from the Carpathians. Read more ›

Mogosoaia Palace: The Legacy of a Great Prince

One of the loveliest attractions around Bucharest, the palace of Mogosoaia is the go to place for spending a few hours in a completely different world.  Read more ›

10 Reasons to Visit Bucharest


If you‘re planning to visit Bucharest for the very first time, and you’re not sure it’s the best travel choice, we give you 10 reasons to help you decide.  Read more ›

10 Old Churches from Bucharest You Should See

Churches in Bucharest

Bucharest has many old churches that are well worth your time even if you’re not into religious services or the Church for that matter. Read more ›

Peles Castle: Royal Legacy and Romania’s Finest Castle

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is one the most impressive castles in Europe and a must-see attraction you’ll remember long after your visit. Read more ›

The Palace of the Parliament: Ceausescu’s Final Dream

Palace of the Parliament

Discover the history behind the Palace of the Parliament from Bucharest, a World Record construction and a major symbol of communism.  Read more ›

Cantacuzino Castle: The Legacy of a Great Byzantine Family

Cantacuzino Castle

Monumental and opulent, Cantacuzino Castle is part of the impressive legacy of the Cantacuzino family whose origins go back to the Byzantines.  Read more ›