Attractions in Moldavia

Less visited, but definitely worth the stop, Moldavia is Romania’s most Eastern part, located between the Oriental Carpathians and the border with the Republic of Moldova. While you might be a bit confused considering both have the same name, the explanation is simple. The Republic of Moldova also known as Basarabia is an old historical Romanian region that was conquered by the Russian Empire. In 1918, the province united with Romania, but it was lost again, this time to the USSR in 1940. On this website, however, we only refer to Moldavia as in Romania’s Eastern part.

Five Day Trips from Iasi You Should Take

day trips from iasi

Our top five one day trips from Iasi will show you the best options to uncover this land of churches, vineyards, old villages and breathtaking mountains.  Read more ›

The Palace of Culture from Iasi: The Historical Symbol of a Bygone Time

Palace of Culture Iasi

A true symbol of the city’s past, this impressive palace dominates the central part of Iasi, and is considered one of the most remarkable monuments in Romania. Read more ›

The Mysterious Monastery of Barnova

Barnova Monastery

Discover the 17th-century monastery of Barnova, one of the most original and impressive fortified monasteries in Eastern Romania. Read more ›

Miclauseni Castle: Neo-Gothic Architecture and Troubled History

Miclauseni Castle

Hidden in a dense forest from Moldavia, Miclauseni Castle is a small Neo-Gothic monument with a history that goes back over one hundred years. Read more ›

Ceahlau Mountain: Legends from the Romanian Olympus

Also known as the Romanian Olympus or the second holy mountain of Orthodoxy, Ceahlau Mountain is a top attraction of the Eastern Carpathians. Read more ›