Attractions in Maramures

A frontier region in Northern Romania, Maramures is one of the richest in the country when it comes to its numerous and precious cultural attractions. Wooden churches part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, traditional villages and rural landscape make this region a must for curious travelers.

Creasta Cocosului: Seeing Maramures from Above

Creasta Cocosului

Creasta Cocosului may just be the most iconic natural landmark of Maramures, a region famous for its wooden churches and wooden gates. Read more ›

The Merry Cemetery: Even Death Can Become Funny

Merry Cemetery Sapanta

Discover the Merry Cemetery from Maramures, a world unique attraction where death looses its tragic touch only to become a colorful expression of life. Read more ›

The Wooden Churches of Maramures: When Faith Withstands Time

wooden churches of Maramures

The centuries-old wooden churches of Maramures are part of the UNESCO World Heritage of Romania. A must-see of your time in Romania. Read more ›

Lapusului Gorges: Amazing Nature in Maramures


Exploring the Lapusului Gorges will give you a great chance of experiencing one of the most picturesque parts of Maramures. Read more ›

Sighet Memorial and the Story of Communism in Romania

Sighet memorial

Sighet Memorial is a former communist prison where Romania’s elites were tortured and exterminated during the first years of communism in Romania. Read more ›

The Village Museum of Maramures: A World of Wooden Architecture

The open-air Village Museum of Maramures is a wonderful guide into the rich cultural heritage of this region, famous for its wooden architecture. Read more ›

The Florean Museum: Dazzling Contemporary Art in the Forest

florean museum

Explore the unique open-air Florean Museum with thousands of sculptures from all over the world on more than 40 hectares in the forests of Maramures. Read more ›