Attractions in Dobrogea

Once the most multicultural regions of Romania, Dobrogea is still an amazing land of beaches, antic fortresses, vineyards and the world third highest biodiversity, the Danube Delta

Enisala Fortress: The Genovese Legacy from the Black Sea


The only remaining medieval fortress from Dobrogea, Enisala tells the old story of a time when the powerful Genovese merchants controlled the Black Sea. Read more ›

Jurilovca: Multicultural Heritage and Ancient History


Discover Jurilovca, a charming fishermen village of the Danube Delta, where ancient Greek fortresses and spectacular seascapes are the main attractions. Read more ›

The Abandoned Constanta Casino: From Art Nouveau to Present Ruin

Constanta Casino

A great piece of Art Nouveau architecture from the beginning of the 20th century, the Constanta Casino was once the symbol of Romania’s main port. Read more ›

Histria: An Ancient Greek City on the Shore of the Black Sea


Explore the ancient Greek city of Histria, the oldest city in present day Romania, founded in the 7th century BC on the coast of the Black Sea. Read more ›