Attractions in Bucovina

Uncover the must-see attractions of Bucovina, a magical land of painted churches and vast forests, the place to go for those in search of bucolic landscapes and UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Top Five Attractions and Things to Do in Bucovina

things to do in bucovina

Check our list of top 5 attractions and things to do in Bucovina if you’re visiting the region for the first time. We’ve covered everything from hiking to local food. Read more ›

Moldovita Monastery: Rare Frescoes from the Medieval Ages

Moldovita Monastery

Moldovita Monastery is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bucovina, all masterpieces inspired by the Byzantine art of the 15th and 16th centuries.  Read more ›

Sucevita Monastery: The Masterpiece of Painted Churches

Sucevita Monastery

Few religious monuments are as mesmerizing as Sucevita Monastery, one of the painted churches from Bucovina included on the UNESCO World Heritage list.  Read more ›

Humor Monastery: World Unique Paintings and Centuries of History

Humor Monastery

Humor Monastery is one of the religious masterpieces and top attractions of Bucovina, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read more ›

Rarau Mountains: Panoramic Views and Easy Hikes

Rarau Mountains

One of the best-known images of Bucovina, Rarau Mountains create an unmistakable landscape of weird shaped rock formations and panoramic views Read more ›

Rodnei Mountains National Park: Travel into the Wild

Rodnei Mountains National Park

Explore Rodnei Mountains, the second largest national park in Romania and one of the wildest areas of the Carpathian Mountains. Read more ›

Voronet Monastery or the Sistine Chapel of the East

Voronet Monastery

Voronet Monastery is one of the most popular cultural attractions in Bucovina, and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Read more ›