Attractions in Romania

Explore off the beaten track, but also popular attractions in Romania. Discover traditions, national parks, cultural monuments, authentic villages and many more one of a kind attractions in Romania.

The Fortified Church of Saschiz: 500 Years Back in Time

fortified chuech of Saschiz

Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Romania, the fortified church of Saschiz is one of the highlights of Transylvania’s Saxon heritage.  Read more ›

Sureanu Mountains: Magical Wilderness and Holy Dacian Sites

sureanu mountains

Isolated and wild, with scattered villages, with ancient and mysterious ruins, Sureanu Mountains are in all possible ways far from the beaten track. Read more ›

Alma Vii: Awakening a World of Saxon Traditions

Considered by many the best kept secret of Transylvania, the small community of Alma Vii is a rare presence even in a region that’s world famous for its traditional rural landscape. Read more ›


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Bucharest Atheneum: History and Classical Music

Bucharest Atheneum

The Atheneum is by far one of the top attractions in Bucharest. A monumental construction that, however, didn’t escape the bombing of 1944 or the communist censure. Read more ›


Calnic Fortified Church: A Landmark of the Saxon Heritage

Calnic Fortified Church

The fortified church of Calnic is one of the seven fortified churches from Transylvania included on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Read more ›


Ceahlau Mountain: Nature and Legends

Also known as the Romanian Olympus or the second holly mountain of Orthodoxy, Ceahlau is a top attraction of the Eastern Carpathians. Read more ›


Five Saxon Villages from Transylvania You Should Visit


Discover five of the most beautiful Saxon villages from Transylvania and add them to your list for the next vacation in Romania’s most popular destination. Read more ›