Attractions in Romania

Explore off the beaten track, but also popular attractions in Romania. Discover traditions, national parks, cultural monuments, authentic villages and many more one of a kind attractions in Romania.

The Choral Temple: The Must-See Jewish Heritage of Bucharest

Choral Temple Bucharest

The most impressive synagogue in Romania – the Choral Temple – is the surviving testimony of what was once the strong Jewish community of Bucharest.  Read more ›

Top Open-Air Museums in Romania You Should Visit

open air museums in Romania

We hope that our top open-air museums in Romania guide we’ll make you curious to visit as many as possible as each and single one of them is a must-see.  Read more ›

Banffy Castle: From Medieval Times to Electric Music

banffy castle

If you’re wondering what history, ruins, tales of castles and electric music all have in common, the answer is simple: Banffy Castle from Bontida. Read more ›


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Top Festivals in Bucharest to Attend in the Fall of 2016


Check our hand-picked list of festivals in Bucharest you should attend this autumn, from vibrant music events to culinary fairs or East-European Comic-Con. Read more ›


Harman: The Fortress from the Mount of Honey


Discover Harman, one of the best conserved fortified churches of Transylvania, just 10 km outside medieval Brasov. Read more ›


Bigar Waterfall: The Magic of a World Famous Attraction

Bigar Waterfall

Discover the Bigar Waterfall, one of the most unique waterfalls in the world and a top natural attraction in beautiful Romania. Read more ›


Rimetea: White Beauty and Love for Heritage


Best-known for its traditional white houses with green windows, Rimetea is one of the best conserved and most beautiful cultural attractions in Romania. Read more ›