Traditional Guest House in Biertan

Best-known for its large fortified church part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Biertan is an old village that dates from the 13th century. With its traditional Saxon-style houses and the typical atmosphere of Transylvania’s rural areas, Biertan is a great alternative for overnights stays to nearby Sighisoara. We recommend you try the local guest house managed by the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust.

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The village

Founded in 1283, Biertan was over the centuries a key commercial and religious center. It was the Chair of the Lutheran Bishopric for almost three hundred years, starting with 1572. The most famous landmark of the village, the Gothic-style fortified church was built between 1493 and 1522. Impressive through its size and strong fortified walls, Saint Mary Church has a remarkable altarpiece with 28 icons, the largest in Transylvania, a special room where couples who wanted to divorce were locked until solving their problems and a unique closing system for the door of the sacristy that dates from 1515. Surrounded long time ago by vineyards, the village has lost almost completely this tradition, making the few local wine cellars even more important.

© the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust

Accommodation and services

The local guest house managed by the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust accommodates up to four persons in two bedrooms. It’s a traditional house with handcrafted decorations and furniture done by local artisans. You can serve the meals inside or on the garden terrace. All meals are prepared following old recipes transmitted from generation to generation.

© the Foundation Mihai Eminescu Trust

Things to do

Besides visiting the large fortified church, you can enjoy your time visiting local artisans like Iordan Ilie and Ion Constantinescu. You can also taste the honey produced by the local beekeepers and try the local mouth-watering ‘roast soup’.

Biertan is also a good departing point for one day visits in Transylvania. The village is only 30 kilometers away from medieval Sighisoara, also part of the UNESCO Sites, and Malancrav, one of the finest Saxon villages in Transylvania. The village Alma Vii is easily reached by bike, and Sibiu and Viscri are less than 80 kilometers away.