About Romania

Did you know about Romania that it has the largest population of brown bears in Europe or that its language is the only Latin language from this part of Europe? Or that Romania is the most bio-geographically diverse country in Europe? Find out more about Romania, its history, nature, culture and gastronomy, all the elements that make it a special and memorable place.

Nature in Romania

Retezat National Park

Learn more about Romania's nature, from the wild Carpathians to the Danube Delta, a top biodiversity area.

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History of Romania

Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetuza

Romania is one of the best places in Europe to discover and understand the history of the entire continent.

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Attractions in Romania

Corvin Castle

Explore the natural and cultural attractions of one of Europe's most beautiful, authentic and surprising countries, Romania.

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Travel Ideas

Ciucas Mountains

Suggestions, tips and vacation ideas for memorable travel experiences in Romania, one of Europe's most beautiful countries.

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Romania is located in the Southeastern Central part of Europe, next to Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, the Black Sea, and the Republic of Moldova.

Time zone



238.391 square km


Romanian, the only Latin speaking country from this corner of Europe.


19.043.767 (2011 census). Ethnic Groups: Romanian 89%, Hungarian 6.5%, Gypsy 3.2%, Ukrainian, German, Other 1.3%


Bucharest, also the main political and economic hub of the country.


The Romanian Leu (RON).


Three vertical stripes (blue, yellow, red)

About Romania