Romanian Culture

Romanian culture is diverse and surprising in all its forms, from past artists to the contemporary scene.

Victor Brauner: The Great Romanian Surrealist


Born in 1903, Victor Brauner is an iconic Romanian painter who became a leading figure in the Surrealist movement. His paintings, drawings and prints are distinguished by their eclectic choice of imagery and diverse religious symbolism.  Read more ›

The Legends of Romanian Music: Classical Sounds and Jazz Rhythms


Romanian music is as varied and surprising as Romania’s multicultural heritage. From classical music to funky jazz and Balkan-influenced rhythms, Romanian musicians embrace a diversity of styles and genres. Read more ›


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When Romanian Art Dazzled Paris: Brancusi’s Abstract Sculpture


Romanian artist Constantin Brancusi made his name in Paris at the start of the twentieth century as the pioneer of abstraction in sculpture, bringing together the primitivism of African and Romanian folk art with the sophistication of the avant-garde. Read more ›