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This website is all about Romania, its beautiful attractions and destinations that make it one of the best countries to visit. You’ll find many travel articles, great photos from all over the country, tips and many vacation ideas. To truly experience Romania, our advice is to leave any prejudice behind. Romania is a safe and welcoming country, with great weather, delicious food and countless travel attractions.

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Top Five Castles of Transylvania You Should See


Check our guide of the top five castles of Transylvania to help you better plan your visit. But, don’t forget there are many more waiting to be discovered and saved from ruin.

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Top 10 Best Things To Do in Cluj-Napoca


Follow our insider guide of the best things to do in Cluj-Napoca to make the best out of your time in this trendy city that dates back to the 2nd century.

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Piatra Craiului National Park: Hiking Above the Clouds


Piatra Craiului National Park easily makes it to the top of the most beautiful protected areas from the Carpathians, being one of the most loved hiking places in Romania.

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Cycling in Transylvania: Five Itineraries from the Saxon Land


Cycling in Transylvania is one of the best ways to uncover this great part of Romania whether you'll cycle for a couple of days or only for a few hours.

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The Merry Cemetery: Even Death Can Become Funny


Discover the Merry Cemetery from Maramures, a world unique attraction where death looses its tragic touch only to become a colorful expression of life.

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Walking Tour in Pestera and Magura

Duration: 1 day


Scenic walking tour through the Carpathian villages from Piatra Craiului National Park.

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Medieval Fortresses from Transylvania

Duration: 1 day


Visit the top medieval fortresses from Transylvania, including Bran Castle and Rasnov Fortress.

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