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This website is all about Romania, its beautiful attractions and destinations that make it one of the best countries to visit. You’ll find many travel articles, great photos from all over the country, tips and many vacation ideas. To truly experience Romania, our advice is to leave any prejudice behind. Romania is a safe and welcoming country, with great weather, delicious food and countless travel attractions.

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Copsa Mare: The Wonderful Surprise from the End of the Road


Visit Copsa Mare, a traditional Saxon village from Transylvania where you'll discover wonderful landscapes, colorful houses and delicious slow food.

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Cantacuzino Castle: The Legacy of a Great Byzantine Family


Monumental and opulent, Cantacuzino Castle is part of the impressive legacy of the Cantacuzino family whose origins go back to the Byzantines.

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Malancrav: The Village Where Time Almost Stood Still


Malancrav is a small village that dates from the early 14th century and an absolute must for travelers curios to discover a place where time almost stood still.

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The Palace of Culture: The Unmistakable Symbol of Iasi


A true symbol of the city’s past, this impressive palace dominates the central part of Iasi, and is considered one of the most remarkable monuments in Romania.

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The Church of Densus: Probably the Oldest Church in Romania


Discover Densus, the oldest church in Romania, and the only one where the religious service is still performed after 700 years.

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Copsa Mare Guest Houses: Enchanting Stays in Transylvania


Try these traditional guest houses from Copsa Mare for the best experience of the Saxon heritage in Transylvania.

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The Inn on Balaban: The Authentic Experience from the Bran Valley


The best choice if you’re looking for the complete and authentic experience in the mountain villages around Bran.

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