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This website is all about Romania, its beautiful attractions and destinations that make it one of the best countries to visit. You’ll find many travel articles, great photos from all over the country, tips and many vacation ideas. To truly experience Romania, our advice is to leave any prejudice behind. Romania is a safe and welcoming country, with great weather, delicious food and countless travel attractions.

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Explore Transylvania: Five One Day Trips from Sibiu You Should Take

Fagaras Mountains

Sibiu is a great choice for taking one day trips across Transylvania, and our insider’s guide will offer you the best ideas and tips for a memorable vacation.

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Sureanu Mountains: Magical Wilderness and Holy Dacian Sites

sureanu mountains

Isolated and wild, with scattered villages, with ancient and mysterious ruins, Sureanu Mountains are in all possible ways far from the beaten track.

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Seven Romanian Castles and Palaces You Shouldn’t Miss

Romanian Castles

Discover seven of the most beautiful palaces and castles in Romania and add them to your must-see list of amazing places.

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Sighet Memorial and the Story of Communism in Romania

Sighet memorial

Sighet Memorial is a former communist prison where Romania’s elites were tortured and exterminated during the first years of communism in Romania.

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Bigar Waterfall: The Magic of a World Famous Attraction

Bigar Waterfall

Discover the Bigar Waterfall, one of the most unique waterfalls in the world and a top natural attraction in beautiful Romania.

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UNESCO Heritage Day Trip from Brasov

Duration: 1 day

This one day trip from Brasov is all about the UNESCO Heritage Sites from Transylvania. It includes visits to Viscri, Saschiz and Sighisoara.

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Bellu Cemetery Tour

Duration: 2 hours

Bellu Cemetery

A must-see attraction if you’re planning an in-depth discovery of Bucharest, the image of Bellu Cemetery will stay with you long after you’ve visited Romania.

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