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This website is all about Romania, its beautiful attractions and destinations that make it one of the best countries to visit. You’ll find many travel articles, great photos from all over the country, tips and many vacation ideas. To truly experience Romania, our advice is to leave any prejudice behind. Romania is a safe and welcoming country, with great weather, delicious food and countless travel attractions.

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Creasta Cocosului: Seeing Maramures from Above


Creasta Cocosului may just be the most iconic natural landmark of Maramures, a region otherwise known for its wooden churches and wooden gates.

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Corvin Castle: The Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania


A fairy tale castle, a Gothic masterpiece and even a haunted looking place for Hollywood movies, Corvin Castle is the most impressive castle in Transylvania.

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Five Saxon Villages from Transylvania You Should Visit


Discover five of the most beautiful Saxon villages from Transylvania and add them to your list for the next vacation in Romania's most popular destination.

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The Watermills from Eftimie Murgu: Timeless Traditions


The 22 watermills from Eftimie Murgu are a rare attraction in Romania and the largest watermills park from South-East Europe.

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The Millennial Capital: Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa


Explore the ruins of one of the oldest cities in Romania, Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, the Roman capital of conquered Dacia.

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Copsa Mare Guest Houses: Enchanting Stays in Transylvania


Try these traditional guest houses from Copsa Mare for the best experience of the Saxon heritage in Transylvania.

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The Inn on Balaban: The Authentic Experience from the Bran Valley


The best choice if you’re looking for the complete and authentic experience in the mountain villages around Bran.

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