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This website is all about Romania, its beautiful attractions and destinations that make it one of the best countries to visit. You’ll find many travel articles, great photos from all over the country, tips and many vacation ideas. To truly experience Romania, our advice is to leave any prejudice behind. Romania is a safe and welcoming country, with great weather, delicious food and countless travel attractions.

Visit Romania with an open heart and mind.

Visit Sibiu: The Most Beautiful City in Romania

visit Sibiu

If you’re planning to visit Sibiu, you’re in for one of the best travel experiences in Romania as for many this small city is the most beautiful in the country.

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Coltesti Fortress: Ruins from a Lost Time

Coltesti Fortress

Explore the panoramic ruins of the medieval Coltesti Fortress, located in the dreamy landscape from Trascaului Mountains.

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Moldovita Monastery: Rare Frescoes from the Medieval Ages

Moldovita Monastery

Moldovita Monastery is one of the eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Bucovina, all masterpieces inspired by the Byzantine art of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Five Day Trips from Bucharest You Should Make


Check these top five day trips from Bucharest you should make while visiting Romania's vibrant capital, from the nearby churches to the Carpathian villages.

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Corvin Castle: The Gothic Masterpiece of Transylvania

Corvin Castle

A fairy tale castle, a Gothic masterpiece and even a haunted looking place for Hollywood movies, Corvin Castle is the most impressive castle in Transylvania.

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Walking Tour in Maramures


Take a private walking tour in Maramures that combines hikes, long walks between villages, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and visits to local artisans.

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Ancient and Medieval Legacy Tour

Alba Iulia

This private tour is all about history, starting from ancient times of the Roman Empire to the medieval centuries consumed in the anti Ottoman fight.

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